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'I’m going to scream at work': Woman claims manager made her buy uniform with her own money

In a TikTok video, the creator shows how she had to buy and change clothes during her shift.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | zahavahsuissa
Cover Image Source: TikTok | zahavahsuissa

Small businesses sometimes fall short of giving their employees what they deserve, however, when big companies do that, it is completely unacceptable and extremely unfair. A Victoria’s Secret worker recently took to TikTok to talk about how she was forced to buy her uniform mid-shift when her spaghetti strap top was called out for violating the employee dress code. 

In a TikTok video, creator @zahavahsuissa shows how she had to buy and change clothes during her shift at her manager's request.

Image Source : TikTok | @zahavahsuissa
Image Source : TikTok | @zahavahsuissa

"I’m going to scream at work," Suissa begins quietly, walking through the store, "My manager is making me buy clothes from Victoria’s Secret because I’m not in uniform," she said in the video.

She then talks about how she had to change because she was wearing a bodysuit with spaghetti straps, with a shorts. “Girl what…we’re in the middle of a heat wave!” she says in the video. "There are pictures of naked women on the wall, so why is it wrong for me to wear a spaghetti strap? Make it make sense," she says.

| TikTok
SommerTyme| TikTok

"I just put everything over [my outfit], because we’re in a heatwave and I’m going to have to change after," she says before ending the video. 

Many took to the video to talk about the situation the woman had to face. "As someone who is a manager at VS, I was so confused on what the problem was with your outfit my girls and I wear stuff like that all the time," one top comment read while another wrote, As a person who works at a VS… What? Like we can wear jumpsuits like that! And tank tops. The only thing I could see if the inseam on the shorts was too short. Doesn’t seem like it though!."

Maile White | TikTok
Maile White| TikTok

However, there were certain people who felt that going to work and not adhering to a dress code was an issue. "Girl, that’s the dress code. I don’t dare show up to work in shorts and a tank top just cause it’s hot. That’s life," writes one user. 

People also talked about other stores in which one needs to adhere to a dress code, no matter what. "this happened to me when I worked at Macy's. They gave me an extra 10 to get clothes and then told me to return them if I wanted after my shift. I wasn’t mad about it, it was that or drive home and change," writes one user. 

While the employer should provide the uniform it seems like many people working in retail have to buy clothes from the store they work in. "When I worked at Pink I would literally spend my paycheck buying clothes from there because it’s our uniform. I literally hated it," read one comment.

Others talked about other things they had to go through while they were an employee at a Victoria's Secret store. "As a former VS employee, I was told to go to the back and put on some makeup because I didn’t look good enough to be put in the first room. So this was not shocking at all, writes one user. 

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