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Viral Video Claims Walmart Charges Subscription Fees for Self-Checkout; Sparks Online Outrage

Jack Mac (@jackmacbarstool) expressed frustration on TikTok about rumors that Walmart might start charging a subscription fee for using self-checkout lanes.
Imgage Source: @jackmacbarstool | TikTok
Imgage Source: @jackmacbarstool | TikTok

Self-checkout at stores was supposed to make life easier for shoppers, but instead, it has sparked debates about costs such as tips that consumers have to pay for the service. Now TikToker Jack Mac ( @jackmacbarstool) has posted a video claiming that Walmart will start charging customers a subscription fee to use self-checkout lanes in some stores. Mirroring the frustration of many consumers like him, Jack said, “Imagine having to pay a subscription fee to use self-checkout devices at major retailers. Now stop imagining it, because it’s about to become a reality nationwide.”

Imgage Source: @jackmacbarstool | TikTok
Imgage Source: @jackmacbarstool | TikTok

He continued, “Not only do we not earn any money, but now we're charged to spend it.” Jack emphasized, “Someone needs to put a stop to this. I don’t know who will, but the first thing they need to do is eliminate all these subscription services. I have more subscriptions than I can count.” He further added, “They ruined TV with subscriptions. I have to pay for channels I didn’t even know existed just to watch a show. They ruined TV, and now they’re charging us to check out.”

Jack concluded his video by asking, “What’s next? What will they charge for next? Oxygen?”

Viewers were as furious as Jack when they heard this news and had already planned a push back. "I got kicked off a self checkout line in Costco today because I had too many items. I’m like I’m the one that has to do the work!" wrote one user.

Imgage Source: @jackmacbarstool | TikTok
Imgage Source: @jackmacbarstool | TikTok

"There are subscription fees for printers and the freaking auto start on your car. I want to go back to just buying an item and being able to use it because I bought it" Said another.

Imgage Source: @jackmacbarstool | TikTok
Imgage Source: @jackmacbarstool | TikTok

"I didn’t want to use self-checkout in the first place, but the Walmarts around me are atleast 70-80% self-checkout lines!" remarked another user named Jason Barton.

While self-checkout lanes may occasionally be reserved for consumers participating in Walmart's premium membership program, a Walmart representative stressed that this is not the case. Contrary to what some social media posts have suggested, these lanes are just for paying members.

In another Facebook video referring to the charges for a premium Walmart+ membership, the user claimed, "Walmart is charging $98 for people to use self-checkout." But a Walmart representative clarified that the store manager decides whether to restrict Walmart+ members' access to the self-checkout terminals depending on foot-falls.

It is not stated on the Walmart website that self-checkout lanes are reserved for Walmart+ subscribers. But Walmart+ subscribers can use the "mobile scan & go" function, which lets customers use the Walmart app to scan products and pay at a self-checkout kiosk. Walmart's director of corporate communications, Kelsey Bohl, said that while self-checkout lanes are not exclusive for Walmart+ members, the usage of staffed and self-checkout lanes may vary throughout shops according to staff availability and customer volume. Store managers may do this to provide consumers with more checkout options according to Bohl, who added, "some stores are designating select self-checkout stations for Walmart+ customers using our Scan and Go service during times of limited access."


What is this reality we are living in. Walmart will be first. Target after that.

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