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Here's how a 9-month Luxury Cruise has Become a Social Media Phenomenon

A nine-month voyage, traversing more than 60 countries across all seven continents, has become a viral sensation on the social media platform
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Samson Bush
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Samson Bush

Extravagant lifestyles and adventures that wealthy people can splurge on have triggered curiosity among netizens who get a peek into their lives, and now the "most epic world cruise to ever set sail" is taking TikTok by storm. A nine-month-long voyage through more than 60 countries across all seven continents, has become a viral sensation on the social media platform. The hashtag #ultimateworldcruise offering users a glimpse into the lives of those embarking on this extraordinary journey, has garnered over 353 million views on TikTok.

The cruise with a hefty price tag starting at nearly $59,000 is like a dream for many, and Brandee Lake from Los Angeles, California, financed the adventure through a "living inheritance" from her parents.

Despite the considerable cost, the ship is brimming with passengers eager to document their global escapade. TikTok users like Brandee, who has amassed an impressive 183,000 followers, are sharing their experiences online. The cruise's popularity skyrocketed when accounts not affiliated with the journey began chronicling the drama onboard, turning it into a reality show of sorts.

Cover Image Source: Royal Caribbean Press Center
Image Source: Royal Caribbean Press Center

Angela Linderman, another cruiser with 182,000 followers, reflects on the surreal nature of online attention, as the ship's passengers have unknowingly become stars in a digital saga that has captivated audiences worldwide. Angela, originally from Portland, Oregon, describes the initial shock when people started creating videos about them.

The online fascination has even influenced life aboard the ship, as Brandee mentions how she couldn't get her braids done at the salon initially, but thanks to follower comments, there's now a stylist catering specifically to her hair type on board.

While the cruise company, Royal Caribbean hasn't commented on the viral phenomenon yet, the online chatter has given rise to various rumors about the journey's trajectory. One speculation suggests an early termination due to tensions in the Middle East, but Brandee clarifies that the itinerary has shifted, not concluded prematurely.

Cover Image Source: GettyImages | Joe Raedle  Staff
Image Source: GettyImages | Joe Raedle Staff

The cruise has become a topic of intrigue and speculation, with rumors circulating about unexpected events on board. One such rumor involves a pregnancy, but Brandee dispels it, clarifying that the person in question was already pregnant and strategically planned their vacation around it.

Brandee assures that the food is satisfying, even with the challenge of catering to a large number of passengers. She acknowledges the difficulty in mass-producing food for such a diverse group but emphasizes the availability of tasty options.

In a surprising turn of events, the cruise has attracted influencers, who join the journey for short stints, turning it into a unique "choose your own adventure" experience. Angela likens the situation to a story where people are parachuting into their trip for mini-segments, adding an unexpected layer to the already extraordinary expedition.

The epic nine-month world cruise has transcended its physical boundaries, becoming a digital spectacle on TikTok, allowing netizens to live the experience from afar. As viewers around the world follow the journey, the cruise evolves into a social media phenomenon, proving that sometimes, the most captivating adventures unfold both on land and online.