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Man Shares Roommate’s Frustrating Way of Rent Payment, Sparks Online Debate

His roommate works as a bartender and gets plenty of $1 bills, and chooses to utilize them for his monthly rent.
Cover Image Source: Bills (representative image) | Pexels | Photo by Pixabay
Cover Image Source: Bills (representative image) | Pexels | Photo by Pixabay

When one shares accommodation with someone, there are plenty of experiences and memories that are built together. Some roommates can have a peculiar habit that tends to be amusing as well as irritating. That’s something that happened with a Reddit user named Derna_A_River who shared a post expressing how furious he is with his roommate who pays the rent with $1 bills. In the post, Derna_A_River mentioned that his roommate works as a bartender, and gets plenty of $1 bills, and chooses to utilize them for his monthly rent. The Reddit post goes further with Derna_A_River also irritated with the fact that his roommate has only paid $200 out of $500 rent for January 2024. Initially, he considered the behavior of his roommate to be funny, but since it has become a habit, he is displeased with it. Late payments make it worse for him. Seeing the flood of comments on his post, Derna_A_River commented that his roommate is an old friend whom he had asked to move in and share his accommodation. The place has decent furniture, regular cleaning services, and a lucrative rental rate.

Image Source: Reddit|@Derna_A_River
Image Source: Reddit|@Derna_A_River

The post has been filled with loads of comments, with some of the Reddit users asking Derna_A_River to chill since he is at least getting the money. A user named Ok-Zombie-001 commented, “Cash spends the same whether it’s ones, fives, tens or twenties...I can understand being mad about being short. But I don’t get being mad about the bills.”

Another user named breadfan2 had a similar comment, “This is such an odd thing to complain about, he paid rent. Why does it matter that he used smaller bills? It's all the same total.” Some users expressed their concerns and asked Derna_A_River to take some action as he had even not signed a contract with his roommate.

A user by the name forgetsEverything commented, “Don’t be flexible with rent pay dates. This is a sign of disrespect. Start putting some boundaries. If this person is a friend, they should be serious about accommodating your needs, too.” Another user DandalusRoseshade wrote, “How TF are you letting him be 300 late on rent bc of a trip? Tell his broke ass to save up some more for his obligations.”

Image Source: Reddit|@Derna_A_River
Image Source: Reddit|@Derna_A_River

Reddit is a public forum, and there are plenty of people who just comment for fun. One such user, Poster_Nutbag commented, “A roommate of mine had a habit of always paying in $5 bills. Looks like he was just consistently robbing the till at the place he worked.” NoAnaNo funnily took the $1 bill and wrote, “So when is he giving you the other 300 $1 bills.”

Image Source: Reddit|@Derna_A_River
Image Source: Reddit|@Derna_A_River

Turns out Derna_A_River has to figure out the way sooner, as he has been very considerate with his roommate due to his friendship and even allowed him to be flexible with the rent. Owing to $500 worth of $1 bills being collected every month, he needs to go to the bank regularly to deposit them which inconveniences him greatly. Nevertheless, the world is filled with interesting people, and you need to set boundaries when being kind to people or you may end up being exploited.