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Woman Regrets Buying Her ‘Dream Car’ for an Astounding $84,000, Says It Was ‘Not Worth It'

Later, she finally found a way to get rid of the Tahoe after three years of paying $1,400 a month.
Cover Image Source: Woman says buying her dream car was "not worth it" | TikTok | theblaiseyarnold
Cover Image Source: Woman says buying her dream car was "not worth it" | TikTok | theblaiseyarnold

To buy or not to buy is the real dilemma when getting a new car, and adding to it is the car salesman whose only motto is to get you to dole out more money. Something similar happened to TikTok user Blaisey (@theblaiseyarnold), who loved her Chevy Tahoe so much that she ended up paying $1,400 a month for the car. For that price, she could have easily gotten her hands on a Tesla Model S or even the 2024 BMW M3.  As per Blaisey, she got her Tahoe, which was her dream car, for an astounding $84,000 and the highest-end Tahoe retails for $76,000 MSRP which can be brought down via negotiation.

TikTok | theblaiseyarnold
TikTok | theblaiseyarnold

Later, Blaisey bought a new car, an Audi Q7 this time, and took to the platform to tell her viewers, how she bought the car all in cash and no longer has a car payment. Blaisey, on the other hand, still had the Tahoe at this point and said that she would no longer pay the car payments, and didn't care if it got repossessed. In the video, she also talked about the GAP insurance which will cover the remaining balance between what she owes on the car and a total loss of the vehicle, she could simply let the vehicle get wrecked and just pay the insurance deductible and not have to worry about the car payment any longer.

TikTok | MaterialGlue321
TikTok | MaterialGlue321

Responding to her statement many viewers took to the video to express their disbelief in her discussion surrounding insurance fraud. To make matters worse, the Audi Q7 that she had got had more than 100K miles already on it, which also baffled some of the users with one viewer Sara writing, "Mmm I'm no car expert nor the brightest apple on the tree but 100,000 miles? You bought a used car with 100,000 miles?" while other talked about their purchases which made a lot more sense to them. "Got my 08 Cadillac Escalade with 100K miles, we traded it off at 300K was running fine still. Have a 15 Cadillac Escalade I got with 87K miles currently had 160K miles no issues," writes Samantha Rein.

Stacy Isaacs
TikTok | Stacy Isaacs

Later, she finally found a way to get rid of the Tahoe after three years of paying $1,400 a month. She has now paid off around $10,000 worth of actual payments towards the car's primary balance. This was made possible through compound interest which means that even after paying $50,000 she was down by just that $10,000.

"So three years ago, I bought my Tahoe for a lot of money, and I love this car, there was nothing wrong with it, it was perfect, it was my dream car and I absolutely loved it, but I messed up three years ago when I bought it, so that the $84,000 is now still at a balance of about $74,000, and that blows my mind that I paid $50,000 into this and have only paid off $10,000 of the balance, " she said. "I could be using that money towards so many other things," she continued, further adding that she thinks getting the Tahoe was ultimately not worth it. 

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