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Elderly Customer Picks On Server's ‘You Guys’ Address, Even Offers Alternatives

The customer states that it bothers her as "you" is plural, that "you guys" means everybody, and that she is a woman.
Cover Image Source: Elderly customer lectures server for saying 'You guys' | TikTok | @no_one_important900
Cover Image Source: Elderly customer lectures server for saying 'You guys' | TikTok | @no_one_important900

This server was lectured at work for simply wishing her customers a good day and hoping that they had a great time. Her use of "you guys" got an old woman, one of the customers, upset! The server, Jade (@no_one_important900), took to TikTok to upload a clip of their conversation which was recorded by the server. In the video, she can be seen setting up the camera on the table as she records the interaction. She begins by saying, "I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day and...I hope you guys enjoyed your meal."

@no_one_important900 | TikTok
@no_one_important900 | TikTok

A woman can be heard from behind, whose hand suddenly pops into the frame grabbing the server's wrist, who goes on to tell Jade that she doesn't appreciate being called "a guy." A perplexed Jade can be seen processing the customer's words before saying, "I just usually say that to everyone."

The customer then begins to explain the plurality of the word "you" before stating that it bothers her as "you" is plural, that "you guys" means everybody, and that she is a woman. "You shouldn't let anybody do it to you, you're too young and beautiful," she tells Jade. As the old woman continues to speak, Jade looks at her with a blank face before explaining again that she was simply trying to wish the group a good day. 

TikTok | P🧿♒️
TikTok | flipsideofsanity

However, the woman was not ready to let it go, " can wish him a good day and say madame...I'm old enough to be your great-grandmother," the woman told Jade. The guest then goes on to recommend a few alternatives including "darling" "dear" or "y'all" which she would have preferred instead of "you guys." In the comment section of the video, people lauded Jade for being able to keep her calm with some saying that they would have lost their job had it happened to them. 

CHill | TikTok
CHill| TikTok

In a follow-up video, Jade takes to the platform to share a storytime about her dealing with the customer group. In the video, she told her viewers that before all this, the woman had accused her of spreading "secrets" with another co-worker while they were in front of the customers. Jade then goes on to explain that she had only asked her co-workers what song she was humming, in a hushed tone. The older woman was affected by this and tagged this as unprofessional behavior. She then talked about how she deals with patrons like this. "I kill them with kindness every single time," she said. 

She then tells her viewers that she kind of had a feeling that she would return to say something more, which is why she had set the camera down on the table. Users in the comment section unanimously supported Jade with many saying that the customer shouldn't have spoken to her like that, nor grabbed her wrist. "I would’ve been like 'first of all do not put your hands on me,'" writes @natalieee under the follow-up video while another user @Britt said, "I’d be like 'AGAIN YOU GUYS HAVE A GREAT DAY.'" Some even said that they could relate to the whole situation, making us believe that it happens way too often. 

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