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Woman Uncovers Banned UK Items During Her American Tour | 'They Need to Sell Melatonin in England'

During her TikTok presentation, Brea showcased a series of images featuring the diverse range of items she had acquired at Walmart.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @bolubrea
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @bolubrea

In a recent TikTok video, a British woman named Bolu Brea (@bolubrea) unveiled a collection of surprising items she purchased at an American Walmart, revealing that some of these products are banned in the U.K. Upon arriving in the U.S., Brea wasted no time in acquiring what she described as her "favorite products," which included items unavailable back home due to regulatory restrictions.

TikTok | @bolubrea
TikTok | @bolubrea

During her TikTok presentation, Brea showcased a series of images featuring the diverse range of items she had acquired at Walmart. Expressing her enthusiasm for American goods, she acknowledged that while certain products are restricted in the U.K. for valid reasons, she found herself drawn to these particular selections during her visit to the United States. Bolu's TikTok carousel kicked off with a startling find: bottles of ibuprofen and extra-strength acetaminophen, each boasting a whopping 500 capsules.

TikTok | @bolubrea
TikTok | @bolubrea

In awe of the volume, she remarked, "No because 500 in one bottle?!?! I had to stock up on these." Continuing her tour of American pharmacy shelves, Bolu showcased melatonin supplements with 10mg per serving, noting that in the UK, such products are "only available on prescription." Transitioning to beauty, she featured Olay's Moisturizing Body Wash, praising its incorporation of retinol. "Olay really ate by putting retinol in body wash. Does this body wash?? 10/10," she quipped.

TikTok | @bolubrea
TikTok | @bolubrea

Switching gears to oral care, Bolu praised Crest's 3D White Strips, asserting that they outperform similar UK whitening products. She also expressed affection for Tide-to-go markers, which she hailed for erasing stains like a champ. Rounding out her haul, she highlighted Vick's max strength pack containing both DayQuil and NyQuil. "You can only get 'night nurse' here [in the UK] now," she jested in overlay text. Humorously captioning her video, "The land of the free or whatever they said," Bolu's post quickly garnered a flurry of comments from fellow shoppers sharing their own experiences and insights on the products.

TikTok |
TikTok | @bolubrea

@Maayke exclaimed, "@Amy those DayQuil and NyQuil really saved me when I was so sick" while @reintje53 remarked, "NyQuil is a lifesaver!!! Always keep a box in stock!!". @Toyah66 humorously shared, "hahaha I always do the exact same thing. Also always buy that green cough syrup, it's sooooo good." @mikejjones82 expressed, "They really need to sell melatonin in England." @jiji raised concerns, "ain’t the teeth whitening stuff dangerous like we’re not allowed the levels they use over there here". @Tjr97 shared their stress, "I’m down to my last 8 melatonin and I am stressing about when I will next sleep in peace when they are gone". @Bolu Brea sympathetically reacted, "Oh noo". @Jemma mentioned, "You can get Day and Night Nurse in the UK as well."@massarivassari noted, "10mg melatonin over the counter is quite high, max is 1.9mg where I live."

@Spicy Ape shared, "Melatonin here in Italy is sold everywhere, even at Lidl". @Eloise Tynan asked, "Is it okay to take all that back to the UK?" @Bolu Brea responded, "Yeah just pack it in your check-in." @geraldene brady mentioned, "Polish shops sell [it]." @missdaisycutter raised concerns, "I heard that the reason Tide isn’t a thing in the UK is that it has a banned ingredient?" @Zuwenshelly Sterling inquired, "Does anyone know if you can take these back to the EU?". @Bolu Brea replied, "Yup just pack in your check-in." @Shauna remarked, "I love browsing things in American pharmacies lol." @Bolu Brea agreed, "It's such an interesting experience". @marie smith tagged someone, saying, "@cara present ideas xx". @Cocoleslie found something amusing, "The sound is sending meete". @Bolu Brea joked, "No because what is a kilometer".

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