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Here's What Iconic 'The Price is Right' Host Bob Barker Was Worth At The Time of His Death

His legacy encompasses decades of charitable donations, groundbreaking animal rights activism and a successful broadcasting career.
UPDATED NOV 10, 2023
Bob Barker Tapes His Final Episode Of "The Price Is Right" Los Angeles. Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Mark Davis
Bob Barker Tapes His Final Episode Of "The Price Is Right" Los Angeles. Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Mark Davis
Name  Bob Barker
Net Worth $70 Million at his peak
Salary $10 Million
Annual Income $20-30 Million
Sources of Income TV Shows
Gender Male
Date of Birth Dec 12, 1923 
Date of Death Aug 26, 2023 
Age 99 Years
Nationality United States of America
Profession Game Show Host, Television producer, Actor, Presenter, Fighter pilot

Bob Barker, renowned for his legendary game show hosting career and unwavering commitment to animal activism held a net worth of $70 million at his peak. Barker's net worth stood at $0 at the time of his passing as he fulfilled his promise to donate his wealth to animal charities and causes, leaving an enduring legacy of generosity and advocacy, per Celebrity Net Worth.

Getty Images | Photo by Mark Mainz
Bob Barker Statue at Academy of Television Arts And Sciences Hall Of Fame Plaza
Los Angeles. Getty Images | Photo by Mark Mainz

Bob Barker's sources of income primarily came from his career as a TV game show host and his philanthropic endeavors. He hosted iconic shows like "The Price Is Right" and "Truth or Consequences," contributing to his financial success. Barker made several television appearances in shows like "The Nanny," "The Bold and the Beautiful," and even had a memorable cameo in the film "Happy Gilmore," where he famously fought Adam Sandler. Barker appeared in commercials for State Farm Insurance and endorsed political candidates, including David Jolly, who won the Republican nomination. Barker made a special guest appearance on WWE Raw, known as "The Price is Raw," which was highly praised in the wrestling community. After his passing, an hour-long TV special celebrated Bob Barker's life and legacy, airing on August 31, 2023.

Getty Images | Photo by Mark Davis
Bob Barker at an episode of "The Price Is Right". Getty Images | Mark Davis

Bob Barker's salary

Bob Barker's salary Bob Barke gained substantially during his tenure as a game show host of "The Price Is Right" from 1972 to 2007. His annual salary reached $10 million in the later years. Additionally, Barker made money through his appearances on various television programs. 

Getty Images | Photo by Amanda Edwards
Getty Images | Photo by Amanda Edwards

Bob Barker's financial contributions totaling tens of millions of dollars made a significant impact on the lives of countless animals and furthered the cause of ethical treatment and responsible stewardship. Some of his notable donations include:

PETA: Barker donated $2.5 million to PETA in 2012, a contribution that led to the naming of PETA's West Coast headquarters as the Bob Barker Building.

DJ&T Foundation: Barker established the DJ&T Foundation with a donation of $25 million. The foundation's primary focus is to provide funding for spaying and neutering clinics, helping to control the population of stray animals and reduce the need for euthanasia.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society: Barker's passion for marine life conservation led him to donate $5 million to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. This generous contribution helped the organization acquire an anti-whaling ship, aptly named the S.S. Bob Barker, to actively combat illegal whaling activities.

Animal Defenders International (ADI): Barker donated $2 million to ADI to rescue circus lions in Bolivia and provide them with a safe sanctuary in Colorado.

PETA's Captive Animals Campaign: Barker contributed $1 million to PETA's campaign, which aimed to improve the living conditions of animals held captive in roadside zoos in North Carolina.

Wildlife Waystation: Barker donated $250,000 to the Wildlife Waystation, an animal sanctuary and refuge for exotic animals in California.

Toronto Zoo Elephants:
 Barker's concern for animal welfare prompted him to donate $700,000 to help transport three elephants from a Toronto zoo to a wildlife preserve in California.

Getty Images | Photo by Michael Buckner
Bob Barker at an episode of "The Price Is Right". Getty Images | Michael Buckner

Bob Barker, born on December 12, 1923, in Darrington, Washington, had a diverse family heritage. His mother, Matilda Valandra, was a schoolteacher, and his father, Byron John Barker, worked as an electrical high-line foreman in Washington. Barker was proud of his Sioux heritage, listing him as a citizen of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Growing up on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota as a member of the Sioux tribe, he developed a deep connection to nature and animals from a young age. After attending Drury College on a basketball scholarship and serving in the U.S. Navy Reserve as a fighter pilot during World War II, Barker's experiences shaped his values and propelled him toward a remarkable career in broadcasting and advocacy.


Barker's parents were Matilda Valandra and Byron John Barker. His father's Sioux ancestry contributed to his one-eighth Sioux heritage.


Bob Barker married his high school sweetheart, Dorothy Jo Gideon, in 1945 when he was on leave from the military. Unfortunately, Dorothy Jo Gideon passed away at the age of 57 from lung cancer in 1981.


Barker did not have children with either of his wives. He expressed concerns about not being able to properly raise a child due to his busy career.


Bob Barker faced a series of controversies during his career. In 1994, model Dian Parkinson accused him of sexual harassment, stemming from a three-year affair during their time on "The Price Is Right." However, the lawsuit was dropped due to the stress it caused her. In 1995, model Holly Hallstrom filed a wrongful termination lawsuit, alleging her firing was not just due to documented weight gain but also because she refused to provide false information about Parkinson's case. Barker countersued, and Hallstrom received a settlement in 2005. In 2007, CBS employee Deborah Curling claimed she was forced to quit after testifying against Barker in a wrongful termination lawsuit, citing a hostile work environment. The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed in 2009 and affirmed in 2012.


Throughout his illustrious career, Bob Barker received numerous accolades and honors for his contributions to the entertainment industry, animal welfare advocacy, and his impact on popular culture. Notably, Barker's hosting talents were recognized with an impressive 19 Daytime Emmy Awards, spanning categories such as Outstanding Game Show Host and Lifetime Achievement in Daytime Television. His influential role as the host of "The Price Is Right" also earned him the title of "Greatest Game Show Host of All-Time" by Time Magazine. Barker's dedication to animal welfare garnered him the Humane Society's Genesis Award, the Ellie Award from the National Women's Animal Center, and the Celebrity Philanthropist of the Year award from the Hollywood Charity Horse Show. His commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity was acknowledged with the NAACP Image Award. These honors, along with his Hollywood Walk of Fame star, reflect the breadth of Barker's impact and his legacy as a television icon and philanthropic trailblazer.

How long did Bob Barker host "The Price Is Right?"

He hosted the show for an impressive 35 years from 1972 to 2007.

Is Bob Barker part Indian?

In his autobiography, "Priceless Memories," Barker mentions that he was part Sioux on his father's side.

Where did Bob Barker start his career?

In 1950, Barker moved to California to start his radio program, “The Bob Barker Show” in Burbank.

Who inherited Bob Barker's money?

The bulk of Bob Barker's estate is slated to be donated and divided among 40 different animal rights and military charities, according to his longtime publicist Roger Neal.

Where did Bob Barker's money go when he died?

Bob Barker is continuing to give back after his death. Barker's estate will be donated to 40 animal rights and military charities.

How many kids did Bob Barker have?

Despite two significant long-term relationships, with his wife Dorothy Jo Gideon and companion Nancy Burnet, Bob Barker did not have any children throughout his life.

Who gets Bob Barker's estate?

The majority of Barker's assets will be contributed to and divided among 40 various charities supporting animal rights and military causes.

Who did Bob Barker date after his wife died?

After the death of his first wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon, Bob Barker entered into a 40-year companionship with Nancy Burnet, choosing not to remarry.

What happens to Bob Barker's estate?

Bob Barker's estate is set to continue his legacy of philanthropy, with the majority being donated to 40 animal rights and military charities after his passing at the age of 99.

What nationality was Bob Barker?

Bob Barker was American.

Who did Bob Barker leave his assets to?

Bob Barker left the bulk of his estate to be donated to 40 animal rights and military charities.

Where does Bob Barker live?

Bob Barker lived in Los Angeles, where he hosted his radio program, "The Bob Barker Show," before transitioning to television.

Was Bob Barker cremated?

Yes, Bob Barker was cremated, and his remains will be interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, where his wife Dorothy Jo Gideon was buried in 1981.

Who took over The Price Is Right after Bob Barker retired?

Drew Carey took over as the host of "The Price Is Right" after Bob Barker retired in 2007 and continues to serve as the present host.

What did Drew Carey say about Bob Barker?

Drew Carey expressed gratitude and love for Bob Barker, stating that he thinks of Barker every day on set and will carry his memory in his heart forever.