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Man Accuses Employer of Making up Reasons to Fire Him Ahead of Bonus Payout; Internet Reacts

The employee alleges that his company fired him to save on the cost of paying him the bonus.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @averagejoejason
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @averagejoejason

The layoff wave that had hit America's tech sector more than a year back is still affecting thousands of workers. With demand dwindling and the economy shrouded in uncertainty, companies are resorting to drastic measures to cut down on expenses and save funds. As people were fired, tales of employers showing insensitivity and even outright cruelty came to light. Among those who lost jobs in such a manner was TikToker Jason (@averagejoejason), who alleged that despite performing admirably, his company concocted reasons to terminate his employment as a means of avoiding paying him a rightful bonus.


In the video captioned, "Gotta love corporate! #work #layoffs," which has over 591,000 views, Jason says "I don’t care how irreplaceable you think you are at work, they can and will let you go for any reason at all."

Jason asserts that his performance consistently surpassed expectations during every review, leaving his company without valid grounds to terminate him. Despite his stellar track record, Jason alleges that he was presented with a "final warning corrective action" form regarding his performance, which was a drastic departure from his previous evaluations.

Image Source: TikTok | @averagejoejason
Image Source: TikTok | @averagejoejason

In what he refers to as a "form of lies," Jason contends that the company fabricates reasons for termination that are blatantly untrue. According to him, the form falsely indicates that he only completed one of the two or three courses provided to him by the company.

He adamantly asserts that he took these courses independently, and no such offerings were provided to him by the company.

Image Source: TikTok | @averagejoejason
Image Source: TikTok | @averagejoejason

Shortly after receiving the form, Jason was terminated from his position, a mere six days later, and his anticipated bonus was forfeited. "There was no way I was ever gonna ‘improve’ to their standards," He describes the timing of his termination as "convenient" for the company, as it occurred just before he was slated to receive his annual bonus.

Furthermore, he highlights that the most egregious falsehood on the termination form was an allegation that he introduced a bug into the company's system in mid-September. Jason refutes this claim, pointing out that he didn't gain access to the source code until mid-October, rendering it impossible for him to have introduced a bug in September.

Image Source: TikTok | @averagejoejason
Image Source: TikTok | @averagejoejason

While many viewers sympathized with Jason's plight, others shared similar experiences of being terminated just before expected bonuses or raises. One user, @Nodeal, recounted multiple instances of being fired under similar circumstances, citing arbitrary reasons such as lateness. "Something happened to me in my previous company. They literally fired me for no reason," commented a different user.

A number of viewers also advised the TikToker to seek legal counsel and pursue what he rightfully deserves from the company. Encouraging him to gather evidence, including performance reviews and the termination form, one user, @TWillie, suggested consulting with an employment lawyer to build a case.

Further fueling Jason's resolve, another viewer shared their story of securing a $30,000 settlement after engaging legal representation. When asked about the timeline for reaching the settlement, the user revealed that it took approximately four months, emphasizing their refusal to settle for less compensation.

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