What Is 'Wolverine' Star Hugh Jackman's Net Worth?

What Is 'Wolverine' Star Hugh Jackman's Net Worth?
Hugh Jackman attends the "The Son" Premiere. Getty Images | Kristy Sparow


Name Hugh Jackman
Net Worth $180 million
Gender Male
DOB Oct 12, 1968 
Age 54 years
Nationality Australian
Profession Actor, producer, voice actor, singer

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Hugh Jackman stands as a prominent figure in the realm of entertainment. With a net worth of $180 million, an exceptional acting range, and a voice that resonates with audiences worldwide, he has distinguished himself as a triple-threat performer. From donning the claws as Wolverine to delivering a mesmerizing portrayal of Jean Valjean in "Les Misérables," Jackman has established himself in every genre.

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Hugh Jackman's earnings for playing Wolverine in the X-Men franchise increased significantly over the years. He started with $500,000 for the 2000 X-Men film and pocketed $20 million for 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" excluding potential bonuses tied to box office performance. In total, Jackman made around $100 million for his portrayal of Wolverine, which includes upfront film earnings, bonuses, merchandising, and licensing of his likeness.

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"X-Men: The Last Stand" – $5 million

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" – $7 million

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"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" – $20 million

Jackman's compelling portrayal of Jean Valjean in "Les Misérables" earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. His compensation for this role was reported to be $5 million, excluding potential box office bonuses.

Image Source:  Hugh Jackman attends the 30th annual Hamptons International Film Festival / Sean Zanni/Getty Images
Hugh Jackman attends the 30th annual Hamptons International Film Festival. Sean Zanni/Getty Images


"The Greatest Showman" defied expectations and emerged as a sleeper hit for 20th Century Fox (now 20th Century Studios) and one of the highest-grossing movie musicals ever, raking in $435 million at the box office while operating on an $80 million budget. Hugh Jackman's compensation for his role in the film is estimated to be approximately $10 million, per Parade, not including potential earnings tied to box office performance bonuses.

At the peak of his Wolverine career, he demanded an impressive base salary of $20 million, excluding backend participation. Previously, Jackman earned varying salaries for his roles in these movies, with "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" and "Van Helsing," bringing him $1.5 million and $2 million respectively while "Butter" also netted him $2 million. However, his compensation significantly increased for films like "Real Steel," where he earned $9 million and "Australia" for which he commanded an impressive $10 million.

Image Source:  Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images
Image Source: Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images


In 2019, Hugh Jackman embarked on his inaugural world tour titled "The Man. The Music. The Show." This extraordinary tour featured an eclectic repertoire, including tracks from the "The Greatest Showman: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" album alongside a medley of Broadway and Hollywood musical classics. The tour spanned an impressive 88 shows, captivating audiences across North America, Europe, and Oceania.

In 2005, Hugh Jackman partnered with his longtime assistant John Palermo to establish the production company Seed Productions. Jackman's wife Deborra-Lee Furness is also an integral part of the company's operations.

Hugh Jackman is known for his philanthropic efforts. He's a global advisor for the Global Poverty Project and supports organizations like The Art of Elysium, the MPTV Fund Foundation, and the Bone Marrow Institute in Australia with his wife. He's also a World Vision ambassador. In 2011, Jackman launched Laughing Man Coffee after meeting a fair trade coffee farmer named Dukale in Ethiopia during a World Vision trip in 2009. The company has two coffee shops in New York and an online store. All profits from Laughing Man Coffee go to the Laughing Man Foundation, which supports education, community development and social entrepreneurship projects worldwide.

Image Source:  Hugh Jackman speaks at Global Citizen NOW Summit at The Glasshouse / Noam Galai/Getty Images
Image Source: Hugh Jackman speaks at Global Citizen NOW Summit at The Glasshouse / Noam Galai/Getty Images


In 2012, Hugh Jackman made a significant real estate investment when he purchased a triplex apartment in New York City for $21 million. This acquisition could be considered a relative bargain since the property had initially been listed at $40 million. The expansive home spans across the 8th, 9th, and 10th floors of the building, offering a lavish 11,000 square feet of living space. In June 2022, Jackman put this impressive triplex apartment on the market for sale at a price of $39.8 million.


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Hugh Jackman and actress Deborra-Lee Furness met on the sets of the television series "Correlli." They tied the knot in April 1996. Following two heartbreaking miscarriages, the couple chose to expand their family through adoption and welcomed their children, Oscar Maximillian and Ava Eliot to their lives.

Divorce settlement

It's been whispered that Hugh Jackman and his wife of 27 years, Deborra-Lee Furness, are going through a divorce, and it might cost him a hefty sum. Rumor has it that Jackman is ready to hand over a significant chunk of his $100 million wealth to keep Furness from talking about their relationship. But the catch is that she'd have to sign a tight NDA (nondisclosure agreement) to keep their private matters, well, private.

Image Source: (L-R) Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness attend The 2023 Met Gala / Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images
Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness attend The 2023 Met Gala / Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images


Does Hugh Jackman have siblings?

Yes, Jackman has 5 siblings, including Ralph Jackman, Ian Jackman, Sonya Jackman, and Zoe Jackman.

How many awards has Hugh Jackman won?

Hugh Jackman has won 34 awards.

How many award nominations has Hugh Jackman received?

Jackman has received 141 nominations.

What is Hugh Jackman's net worth in 2024?

Hugh Jackman's net worth in 2024 as of $180 million. 

What is Hugh Jackman's connection to the circus?

Hugh Jackman launched Circus in ‘The Greatest Showman’ Trailer. 

Has Hugh Jackman ever performed in a magic show?

Hugh Jackman was a part of 'The Prestige' movie where he performed as a magician. 

What is the significance of Hugh Jackman's tattoo?

Hugh Jackman sports a tattoo of a nude mermaid on the forearm of his right arm, but don't be alarmed, it's not real! A reliable source tells JustJared.com that the tattoo is just for his Broadway play, "Steady Rain," co-starring Daniel Craig. 

Who is Hugh Jackman's son?

Oscar Maximilian Jackman is Hugh Jackman's son

How rich is Deborah Lee Furness?

Deborra-lee Furness has a net worth of $50 million.

How much did Hugh Jackman make for The Prestige?

Hugh Jackman made $10.97 crores for The Prestige.


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