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‘Bluesky Invite Codes Are The New Blue Check’: Why Is Everyone Talking About Jack Dorsey’s New App?

The profile, the color scheme, and even the creator everything's the same!
UPDATED JAN 22, 2024
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | pixabay | (R) Getty Images | Christopher Furlong
Cover Image Source: (L) Pexels | pixabay | (R) Getty Images | Christopher Furlong

A brand new microblogging platform Bluesky has generated excitement among users who have been frustrated with other social media platforms, including Twitter. The app is said to run on a decentralized network which provides the user with more control over how the service is going to run and what data is being stored etc.

Bluesky looks so much like Twitter that it's difficult to distinguish between the two. The profile, the color scheme, and even the creator everything's the same! Yes, the new app has been created by Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey. The app launched in a closed beta on iOS in February and then on Android this month. 

Here's what we know of Dorsey's latest offering:


Bluesky describes itself as a "new social media network for microblogging". With the help of this app, users can post and follow short updates on their timelines, just as they would on Twitter. However, there are many differences, like the absence of hashtags and direct messages.

Bluesky was formed independently of Twitter while Dorsey was still the CEO. However, Bluesky was funded by Twitter until it became an independent organization in February 2022. 

While introducing Bluesky through a tweet, Dorsey said that it plans to "build an open community around it, inclusive of companies & organizations, researchers, civil society leaders"  but added that it was not going to happen overnight, as per CNN Business.


Bluesky is working like a magnet for users who are disenchanted  with the direction Twitter is taking under Elon Musk. The new owner has made a series of controversial changes to its features as well as policies.

As per, Bluesky formerly known as App Annie, has been downloaded more than 375,000 times from the Apple App Store and the waitlist continues to grow longer. 

On the Google Play Store, the app was downloaded more than 100,000 times.

It's unclear if this app has the strength to survive. However, Mark Bartholomew, who is a professor at the University of Buffalo School of Law, said that the initial shift toward Bluesky is a positive one. "Competition might actually help users find the product features they want, like greater privacy protection, portability, and more significant content moderation,” he said.

Social media platforms have features that users dislike, but they still accept them to just be in the online space where everyone else is, he added.


For now, the app is an invite-only platform as it encourages the implementation of a strong network. The exclusivity aspect has also contributed to the hype of Bluesky. 

Twitter user Eve 6 wrote: “Bluesky invite codes are the new blue check.”

How Does Bluesky Work?

Pexels |  Magnus Muelle
Pexels | Magnus Muelle

As mentioned by Techcrunch, the app fundamentally performs like a bare-bones Twitter, where you can easily click a plus button to create a post of only 256 characters, which can also include photos.

Posts can be replied to, retweeted, and shared via the iOS share sheet to other apps. You can also look up and follow other individuals. There's also a "What's Hot" in the timeline that displays engaging posts. User profiles also contain similar info, like a profile picture, a background bio, metrics, and how many people they are following.  There's a "Discover" option in the bottom center of the app and also a running feed of recently posted Bluesky updates.

How Many People Are On Bluesky and Is It Free?

By the end of April, Bluesky already hit 50,000. Once invited, the app is absolutely free to use.