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Woman Gets Anxious About not Tipping Her Hairdresser; Sparks off Social Media Debate

Justice says the best way to tip is to reccomend services to friends and visit again!
Image Source: antidietpilot | TikTok
Image Source: antidietpilot | TikTok

From a platform to share dance videos, TikTok has become an important space for people to express and discuss everyday practices that affect their finances among other things. It also allows people to interact and connect over issues that are relevant to them, and consumers get to voice their grievances more publicly, often leading to an impact in the real world as well. Although tipping is a common practice at eateries and hotels, recently, a woman named Justice ( @antidietpilot) shared a story on TikTok about her feelings after getting her hair done, as she was uneasy about not leaving a tip for the hairdresser. She talked about this decision in a video, explaining how she felt anxious when she handed over the money and saw the hairdresser count it. It was the first time she didn't tip for a haircut, and it bothered her.

Justice also talked about how much work the hairdresser put into her hair. The braiding took over seven hours, and Justice paid $350 for it. That's about $40 for each hour of work. She thought about how much time and effort went into her hairstyle and what it cost her. This got her thinking about tipping and how people see it. Her video started a conversation online about tipping and how people value services.

Image Source: antidiestpilot | Tiktok
Image Source: antidietpilot | Tiktok

Rethinking tipping norms

Sharing her thoughts, Justice said that it's not just about giving extra money, and that she believes showing gratitude means more than that. It's about respecting the rules the hairdresser sets, being on time for appointments, being polite during the service, letting the hairdresser take pictures of their work, and telling others about the good service you received. Justice thinks these things show appreciation better than just leaving a tip.

Justice also talked about why she liked getting her hair done at this hairdresser's home. She mentioned that there's no need to travel, and clients are expected to come with clean, dry hair. This makes the whole experience more relaxed and enjoyable. Justice liked it so much that she plans to go back to the same hairdresser in the future.

After Justice shared her video, people had different opinions about it. Some agreed with her and said they felt tired of always having to tip. They thought the price Justice paid for her hair was already high enough.

Image Source: antidietpilot | Tiktok
Image Source: antidietpilot | Tiktok

Others disagreed and said the hairdresser deserved a tip for working so hard. They thought tipping was a way to show appreciation for good service.

Image Source: antidietpilot | Tiktok
Image Source: antidietpilot | Tiktok

This story ended up starting an important conversation about tipping on the internet. It made people think about when and why they tip for services. Some people agreed with Justice and said they also feel tired of tipping all the time. Others said tipping is important to show appreciation for hard work. The entire incident shows that tipping is more than just giving extra money, and that it's about showing respect and gratitude for the service you receive.