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This Gen Z Musician Declares She Is Too Creative To Work a 9-to-5 Job; Here's How People Reacted

The creator said she may die if she is made to do a boring mundane job.
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @zoewynnmusic
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @zoewynnmusic

Content creator and musician Zoe Wynn has declared that she is physically incapable of working a 9-to-5 job. She urged her followers on Instagram to stream her music as she can’t do a mentally boring job for a living. The creator said she understands that it’s a spoiled stance but she prefers to work in the creative field where she can be happy. Wynn creates music online and has a couple of thousand subscribers across Instagram and YouTube.

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Wynn says that she may be too creative to work a boring job. She says she will cry if she has to do three non-creative tasks in a day. So she can’t even imagine doing something that she doesn’t love for eight hours a day, she says. 

She shares a quote that she heard in a show that said people like her can’t live normal lives and if they try it will kill them. Wynn resonated with it and said it would indeed kill her to do a boring job. Thus, she asked her followers to stream her music and stop her from doing it.

The comments section of Wynn’s post did not seem to agree with the creator’s opinion. Several of the viewers called her out for entitlement and privilege. Viewers claimed that Wynn could go on a rant about working as she already has everything she needs without having to work for it.

“Said in perfect makeup, with hair done, in a newer car. Girl, too many of us are dying in the exact situation you're like "I can't do it" for. You're coming from SUCH a place of privilege just being able to make this video and it DOES sound spoiled,” one of the viewers wrote in the comment section.

Image Source: Instagram | @zoewynnmusic
Image Source: Instagram | @zoewynnmusic

Things got a little serious when a viewer who claimed to be disabled blasted Wynn on her statement about dying for having to work. The viewer said, “As someone who is disabled and has to work 8-hour shifts that do try to kill me, everything you’re saying is so selfish and it is arrogant.”

Image Source: Instagram | @zoewynnmusic
Image Source: Instagram | @zoewynnmusic

The user went on to say that working is part of life and they too would love to live life like an artist and live off commissions but that is not how it works. Lastly, the user said there are better ways to promote content than being entitled and saying “You don’t have to work because you don’t want to.”

However, some people did come out in support of Wynn. One user said that Wynn’s comments were not spoiled at all and people like her have a purpose that extends beyond mundane work.

Image Source: Instagram | @zoewynnmusic
Image Source: Instagram | @zoewynnmusic

Nevertheless, watching all the backlash, Wynn responded to the comments too. She said she is actually in college and she will have to make it in the creative industry in the next 1.5 years or get a job.

Image source: Instagram | @zoewynnmusic
Image source: Instagram | @zoewynnmusic

She defended herself by saying that she has been working on side hustles all her life and it’s just that the 9-5 work culture scares her.