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Amidst Debate About AI Taking Away Jobs; Professional Describes ChatGPT as His Only Good Coworker

With AI taking over jobs, here are some employees who love to include ChatGPT to achieve their goals!
Image Source: Photo by Shantanu Kumar | Pexels
Image Source: Photo by Shantanu Kumar | Pexels

Amidst the debate about AI and its impact on the workforce, critics have been highlighting its potential to take away jobs from people, but a section now considers the tech better than humans. One Reddit user described how ChatGPT has become his favorite colleague through a post that has now gone viral. He admitted that he used to hate going to work, but now that he has this AI friend, days at work are much better. This individual even claimed that he uses ChatGPT to complete tasks that would require eight workers to complete.

He goes on to add, "Now Chat GPT is the best coworker I have. I have actually come to enjoy coming into work now and creating custom GPTs to do the job of about 8 people. I drive to work now thinking about how much fun I will have with GPT and the quality of work I will be able to deliver. It makes me look like a rockstar."

Image Source: satanismysponsor | Reddit
Image Source: satanismysponsor | Reddit

Among reactions, one user shared, "I work in information management. I've been using ChatGPT to automate certain tasks by having it write Python scripts. I simply explain in plain English what I need, and voila! It delivers in seconds. It used to take my colleague half a day or more to do what ChatGPT does in no time."

Someone else chimed in, saying, "I'm an online teacher, and I do the same thing. I use a Selenium web driver along with an Excel sheet to manage work for 30 students. It collects their work samples, labels them, combines PDFs, saves them, emails me, and even shuts down my computer while I'm asleep. It feels like I'm living in the future I always dreamed of as a kid, and it's amazing. Just waiting for my wife to approve the robot lawn mower, and life will be almost perfect."

Image Source: satanismysponsor | Reddit
Image Source: satanismysponsor | Reddit

One response mentioned how AI works so much better than Google and gives you answers in 10 seconds without you having to search the internet for hours!

Image Source: satanismysponsor | Reddit
Image Source: satanismysponsor | Reddit

Addressing the threat to jobs, one user wrote, "It's clear how AI is going to start replacing a lot of jobs. It seems fun now, but it won't be when it takes away yours too."

Image Source: satanismysponsor | Reddit

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