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Olive Garden Server Shares Video About Making Customers Spend More on Sides; Internet Reacts

An Olive Garden server playfully tried to persuade customers to buy a $5.99 cheese-based alfredo sauce for dipping their breadsticks.
Image Source: ca11m3at911 | TikTok
Image Source: ca11m3at911 | TikTok

Catering to diners at a restaurant isn't as simple as it looks like, since the staff also needs to convince customers to try menu items that aren't exactly top sellers to meet a certain target. Sometimes customers don't like being offered food they don't want, or they firmly decline any additional purchases. Amidst these challenges, an Olive Garden server had the last laugh by getting her customers to upgrade to an alfredo sauce with cheese so they could dip their breadsticks in it as they were eating. User Eve (@ca11m3at911) shared this humorous attempt to get customers to pay $5.99 for a spoonful of alfredo sauce on TikTok.

Image Source: ca11m3at911 | TikTok
Image Source: ca11m3at911 | TikTok

Several waiters and food industry employees have related stories of being disciplined by their employers for failing to use the suggest-serving approach. This approach entails making product recommendations to clients. Others have disclosed how they convince consumers to purchase more costly goods such as cocktails, by putting pricey options in front of them without bringing up the less expensive ones. Many viewers expressed disapproval towards the price listed in the video, citing worries that the quantity of sauce offered would be excessively low given the price.

One viewer ( @grace) said, "Charging $6 for a scoop of sauce seems excessive."

Image Source: ca11m3at911 | TikTok
Image Source: ca11m3at911 | TikTok

Another said, "And when you actually get it, it's tiny."

A viewer asked, "Why is Alfredo sauce priced at $5.99?"

@petflea said "and it's the smallest dish you've ever seen when you get it"

Image Source: ca11m3at911 | TikTok
Image Source: ca11m3at911 | TikTok

Some viewers noted that even though the sauce costs $5.99 to add to their order, they can get "bottomless" refills. Many commented that this makes the price worthwhile.

"I usually have around four bowls, so I feel like I'm getting my money's worth," wrote one commenter.

"Yeah, but it's unlimited, so I'm getting three bowls for sure, and another for my pasta," another viewer commented. "It's never-ending, totally worth it," added another viewer.

Within three days, the video from @therestaurantlaunch was viewed by nearly 734,000 people. A client and a bartender are having a straightforward conversation.

The TikToker acts as the customer in the video, who requests a margarita. The barman offers Casamigos tequila as a choice without offering or mentioning any other. When the consumer confirms, the order is placed.

In the industry, this strategy is known as suggestive selling and is frequently used. Yet, critics believe it's deceptive, driving up prices for consumers. Many remarks voice concern over this, particularly those from bartenders. According to one reply, it's best to provide options because not everyone is familiar with the distinctions among tequilas. According to some bartenders, it's better if one displays both pricey and less expensive options.

This strategy is typically not appreciated by customers, many of whom have also expressed frustration when they unintentionally purchase pricey drinks and then leave a smaller tip if they feel duped. @therestaurantlaunch acknowledges that their strategy should be modified based on the client and location, recommending a more cautious upselling strategy, particularly in cases where clients may not be aware of the additional expenses.

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