Woman Demands Refund After New Tennant Turns up at Vacation Rental That She had Booked

Woman Demands Refund After New Tennant Turns up at Vacation Rental That She had Booked
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Finding affordable rentals for vacations is also a tedious task while planning trips in financially turbulent times. But things get worse when one finds accommodation at a destination, only to find out that it has also been allotted to someone else.

TikToker @johnsnowfanpage had the worst spring break of her house when a new tenant came to move in during their stay. Now, she is demanding her money back from the popular site, "Booking.com give us a REFUND RIGHT NOW !!!," the overlay text on her video read. 

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"Y’all think your fort lauderdale spring break is bad, we have two days left of our vacation and someone just pulled up with three moving trucks to MOVE INTO OUR AIRBNB, f*ck you booking.com," she added.

TikTok |
TikTok | @johnsnowfanpage


She said, "I am here with nine other people, 10 of us total! Crazy!" and then clarified that while she was not the one who made the reservation, she is sure of the fact that one can book an Airbnb through Booking.com.

Everything was smooth sailing until they came across the poor reviews that the property had. One review in particular caught her eye which was posted two months after they had booked the property.

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Distressed by the review, they still decided to call the owner. "So we call the owner, he doesn't pick up, doesn't answer any call, for hours!"

After digging further, the party learned that the house was listed on Zillow. Spooked, they then called the real estate agent, who sounded confused and informed them that he had a family moving in a few days.

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"The real estate agent then says, 'Let me call you back, let me contact the owner, let me see what's going on, da da da.'" The party soon got a call back informing them that the date had just gotten mixed up, assuring them that everything was fine.

TikTok | @johnsnowfanpagee
TikTok | @johnsnowfanpagee


The Tiktoker, then says that they soon got in touch with the owner, who despite sounding a bit "sketchy" assured them that everything since that review had been fixed. "These people are not moving in, you guys can come, enjoy your stay!"

The Tiktoker then tells her audience that despite finding the home dirty, they were okay with it until things started to go south. They soon realized that none of the amenities in the homes were working. 

"And then we started to smell something, someone had used the bathroom by the laundry room and seeping sewage, so obviously we started clicking pictures of it and sending it to the owner."

When they thought they had, had enough, one of OP's friends saw an old man, who walked in and told them that he was supposed to move into the house.

She then talks about how Booking.com didn't help them in any way. "We are calling the property manager, and he is so rude." They finally get offered just $700, and another property for the rest of their stay. The OP, furious at this point, says "There is no way, they were going to disrupt my trip like this."

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Ultimately, they stood their ground and it was the man with the property lease, who had to move to another property for the remainder of the days.

Reacting to the video, one user commented, "Call booking.com and explain your experience and demand a full refund. You will be refunded," to which the OP replied, "We have been arguing with them and they said if we want the refund we have to leave."

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