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30-Year-Old Decodes Social Anxiety while Ordering Food

In a viral video, Freddie shares his hilarious struggles with social anxiety while ordering food at a drive-thru.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Freddie | @petobsessed777
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Freddie | @petobsessed777

In a viral TikTok video, a 30-year-old man named Freddie (@petobsessed777), offered a comedic yet relatable glimpse into the world of individuals battling social anxiety, particularly when it comes to ordering food. Shot in his car, Freddie shared his unique method of navigating the daunting task of placing an order at a drive-thru with social anxiety in full swing.

TikTok | Freddie | @petobsessed777
Image Source: TikTok | Freddie | @petobsessed777

With meticulous preparation evident, Freddie unveiled his ingenious solution—a set of three detailed scripts affixed to his visor and mirror, serving as his lifeline through the ordering process. "I'm scared of ordering food. This is how I order as a 30-year-old with social anxiety," he quipped, setting the stage for his audience to witness his scripted interaction with the drive-thru attendant.

Every aspect of the exchange, from the initial greeting to the final expression of gratitude, was written on paper, ensuring Freddie's smooth progression through the dialogue. "Hello, can I get a McChicken?" he recited, following the prompts on his script.

Even anticipated follow-up questions received pre-written responses, demonstrating the individual's dedication to circumventing the challenges posed by his condition.

TikTok | Freddie | @petobsessed777
Image Source: TikTok | Freddie | @petobsessed777

After Freddie's initial response, he proceeded to outline the specifics of his order. "No mayonnaise or sauce," he stated. With a touch of humor, he added, "Ketchup," as he started to feel the awkwardness of the conversation and the impending follow-up questions.

Consulting his scripted prompts, he quickly determined his next move. When the server inquired about any additional modifications or additions to his order, Freddie wasted no time in responding, delivering his lines with robotic precision: "More ketchup please." With each interaction, he felt closer to winning over his social anxiety and securing his desired meal.

TikTok | Freddie | @petobsessed777
Image Source: TikTok | Freddie | @petobsessed777

Towards the end, Freddie uttered his final line, signaling his departure from the drive-thru to collect his order. "That's all, thank you," he said. At first glance, it might seem that his only remaining task was to retrieve his order and depart.

However, for those grappling with social anxiety, another daunting challenge awaited: speaking at the pickup station. "I forgot to prepare a script for what to say at the pickup window. I drove away without my order," he confessed.

TikTok | Freddie | @petobsessed777
Image Source: TikTok | Freddie | @petobsessed777

In response to the video, one user, @heinz remarked, "You absolutely nailed the ketchup part, Freddie!" In another comment, @Sam exclaimed, "One please burger cheese, ahh video." @Felix chimed in with, "Please burger cheese original." While @erelgabrun added, "One please burger cheese."

@Dee commented, "Please tell me this isn’t real." @DeMarco shared, "Five whoppers and five more whoppers." One viewer, @GoldKeyTeam said, "Do people seriously have a hard time ordering in a drive-thru???" On the other hand, @jster055 expressed skepticism, asking, "Is this for real?"

@Katiee wrote, "Can I a please burger get cheese? I can’t stop giggling."@Niki Raev shared, "Social anxiety does NOT fear bro." "I thought I had social anxiety but I guess I’m good lol," remarked @McPlugin

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