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Fraudsters Call Subscribers Promising Heavy Discounts in the Ongoing TV Subscription Scams

Customers should be suspicious of anyone requesting a specific form of payment, or personal information such as usernames and passwords.
Image Source: Central TV
Image Source: Central TV

In an era dominated by digital streaming services, cable TV subscriptions remain a popular choice for millions of households seeking a diverse array of entertainment options. However, amidst the convenience and wide-ranging content, a disturbing trend has emerged – the cable TV subscription scam. As people pay a considerable sum for the cable TV subscription they are easily lured by calls that promise a good discount in price. Most of these callers make an upfront offer, mostly to elderly people, and the transaction has to be completed on an immediate basis to avail of the fake offer. Therein lies the whole catch. A lot of scams have been reported where the users were caught unawares. 

Mark Mechum, a resident of Annville in Lebanon County, received a call claiming to be from Comcast. The caller reached out to him with an enticing offer, claiming to provide all of his current services for a red-hot price of $79.99 for a month. To get this offer, Mechum had to pay six months of his bill in advance using a $480 Target gift card.  After purchasing the gift card, he called the scammers and naively provided them with the card's numbers on the back.

As the scammers demanded yet another gift card, Mechum realized that he had become a victim of a scam and the $480 he had spent on the gift card was gone, reports WGAL.


Reason for cable TV subscription scam

There are suspicions that the recent surge in cable TV subscription scams might be linked to Comcast's recent nearly 4% price hike. Scammers seem to be capitalizing on this information, targeting customers who are looking to lower their cable bills with fraudulent offers.

After reaching out to Comcast, News 8 received confirmation about the existence of the scam. The company emphasized that if customers come across any suspicious activity or suspect a potential scam, they should promptly get in touch with Comcast to verify the authenticity of the call.


Statement of Comcast

"If customers suspect a potential scam or anything suspicious, they should contact Comcast immediately to verify the legitimacy of the request. Customers should be suspicious of anyone requesting a specific form of payment, or personal information such as usernames, passwords, account numbers, or any other personal data. Customers can report alleged scams to our Comcast Security Assurance team, which is a dedicated group of security professionals, at Or, for additional support, customers also can contact us at or 1-800-565-4329.

How do you protect yourself from such scams? 

1. Be cautious of unexpected calls offering lower payments or immediate payment demands.

2. Request written offer details before taking any action.

3. Avoid making payments through gift cards, wire transfers, or unusual methods.

4. Independently verify your provider's customer service line and report any suspicious outreach.

5. Never share account details or passwords over the phone.

6. Identity through an official contact number obtained independently.

7. Check your monthly statements for any promised discounts after unsolicited calls, and don't assume they took effect automatically.

8. Consider setting up an account password or security question with your provider for added protection.

So, Be aware and keep your eyes open!