J Prince Has Gone From Introducing Iconic Rappers to Managing Boxers; Here's His Net Worth

J Prince Has Gone From Introducing Iconic Rappers to Managing Boxers; Here's His Net Worth
J Prince | Image Source: Facebook

Name James L. Smith
Net Worth $25 Million
Sources of Income Music, boxing, business ventures
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 31, 1965
Age 58 years old
Nationality American
Profession Music executive, investor, entrepreneur, A&R

Responsible for introducing audiences to hip-hop legends such as Drake and Lil Wayne, J Prince, born James L. Smith on October 31, 1965, is a music entrepreneur and the CEO of Houston-based Rap-a-Lot Records with a $25  net worth million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. For his influence in the rap music industry, Prince is often referred to as one of the "godfathers" of the genre. Beyond his music career, he has successfully managed prominent boxers and made substantial investments in real estate. His children have also established themselves as successful executives in the music and boxing industries.

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J Prince | Image Source: Facebook
J Prince | Image Source: Facebook

The music industry is J Prince's primary source of income with his role as the CEO of Rap-a-Lot Records. Founded in 1986, the record label played a pivotal role in shaping the Southern hip-hop scene. Under his leadership, Rap-a-Lot Records launched successful acts like the Geto Boys, Scarface, and Willie D.

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In addition to his record label, J Prince has also managed renowned boxers such as Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Shakur Stevenson.

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Apart from his music and boxing endeavors, J Prince has diversified his investments. He owns a ranch in Houston that generates an annual income of approximately $200,000 from his Angus cattle operations. Additionally, he owns an island off the coast of Belize known as Prince Island, which adds to his real estate portfolio and net worth.




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Prince is a family man and has been married to his wife since the late 1980s. He is the father of seven grown children, including three sons named J Prince Jr., Jas, and Jay "Baby Jay," who are also involved in the music and boxing industries.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Prince is a philanthropist with a deep commitment to improving communities. His efforts include the construction of a community center in Houston's Fifth Ward, aimed at empowering children, teens, and adults to excel in their lives. He has also been a proactive advocate for HIV/AIDS prevention and has generously supported charitable programs, reflecting his dedication to making a positive impact beyond his business endeavors.

What is J Prince's net worth?

J Prince has an estimated net worth of $25 million.

Who is J Prince's son?

Among J Prince's sons, Jas Prince has gained a prominent position in the music and sports management industry.

How did J Prince become successful in the music industry?

J Prince founded Rap-a-Lot Records in 1986, which played a crucial role in the development of Southern hip-hop. He discovered and managed successful artists like the Geto Boys, Scarface, and Willie D.


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