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Server's First Week Tip Earnings Surge from $0 to $120 in 10 Days; Internet Shares Advice

A waiter at Cracker Barrel shared her tips just from a week of working on TikTok
Image Source: @jayrilizz | TikTok
Image Source: @jayrilizz | TikTok

A server, who was surprised by her first week's tips, shared her experience on TikTok. @jayrilizz shared her video, and it has received over 143,000 views! She essentially says, "Come see what my first week at work was like!" in the video. There is a lot of discussion about tipping on TikTok. While some believe it's becoming a little excessive, others—especially servers like her—feel that they aren't receiving nearly enough in tips.

Image Source: @jayrilizz | TikTok

The creator of the video discusses how much money she received in tips for each shift that she worked at Cracker Barrel. Her facial expressions while discussing it are visible. She begins by stating that she did not receive any tips during her most recent 10-to-2-hour training session. Then, she earned $77 in tips during her first day of working alone from 4 pm to 9 pm for supper. She continues by discussing how she made $99 working a shift from 4 to 10 pm and then $120 working a second shift from 5 pm to 10 pm.

The majority of the comments on the video were encouraging and helpful. @Makayla said "Money will get better with time!" one promised. "I made $400 Saturday, and worked a little more hours than you did but it will be great!"

Image Source: @jayrilizz | TikTok
Image Source: @jayrilizz | TikTok

Another person, @kaela, suggested that "TELL TABLES YOURE NEW!! they will tip you good because of it!!"

Image Source: @jayrilizz | TikTok
Image Source: @jayrilizz | TikTok

But a few had different views. Another person said, "I quit Cracker Barrel after 3 alone shifts."

Image Source: @jayrilizz | TikTok
Image Source: @jayrilizz | TikTok

However, not everyone thought well of Cracker Barrel. Some advised the creator to look for another work, claiming that the clients were too impolite or that they left after only a few shifts.

Of course, there was discussion regarding the custom of leaving tips. A conversation over the true pay of waiters began after someone commented that they felt like they should tip less because they make decent money.

While for some tipping can be a great source of income over their regular pay not all working in the US are getting benefitted from it. In the US, tipping culture has been the subject of discussions on social media, where users have started having talks about its possible negative effects.

During this conversation, bartender Bronté (@f.aa.ded) posted a video explaining why it's so important for patrons to tip waiters. She started by showing her payslip, which showed that she had earned $2.1300 per hour for a total of 70.80 hours worked. Her calculations, based on these hours and the rate, indicated that she ought to have received $150.81. She only got a small portion of that money, though.

Bronté explained, "I should’ve earned $150.81. However, after deductions for social security, Medicare, and income tax, I was left with only $9.28." When viewers suggested she find a different job, she responded, "I love bartending and serving; it's enjoyable for me. But I disagree with state laws allowing restaurants to pay below minimum wage and expecting customers to make up the difference." 

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