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From Homelessness to Building a Restaurant Empire Worth Millions | 'I Used to Sleep in Parking Lots'

The entrepreneur never went to college and believes education is valuable, but real-world experience is just as important in business.
Cover Image Source: @theschoolofhardknocks | TikTok
Cover Image Source: @theschoolofhardknocks | TikTok

Have you ever felt like you have hit rock bottom? Wondered if success was even a possibility. In a powerful and inspiring TikTok video by The School of Hard Knocks (@theschoolofhardknocks), an entrepreneur shares his incredible journey of overcoming homelessness and building a multi-million dollar restaurant business.  The video starts with a bang. The entrepreneur is asked, "What's the most amount of money you have ever made in a single year?" His response? A whopping $10 million. But the story doesn't begin with fancy cars and a lavish lifestyle. He follows this up with a disarming truth: "Yes, sir. I used to sleep in parking lots." This raw honesty immediately grabs the viewer's attention, setting the stage for a story that is both humbling and inspiring.

Image Source: @theschoolofhardknocks | TikTok
Image Source: @theschoolofhardknocks | TikTok

The interviewer asks, "What was that turning point like for you?" The entrepreneur explains that hitting rock bottom forced him to confront his situation head-on. It made him realize that he had nothing to lose by trying. This shift in perspective became the cornerstone of his future success. But what direction did he take?

The entrepreneur decided to dive into the restaurant industry. He recounts his inspiring story of starting small, literally inside a gas station, with just one other employee – his wife! Their hard work and dedication fueled their growth, allowing them to expand from that single gas station location to a thriving business with five locations and a team of 85 to 100 employees.

The video explores a question everyone wants to know: "How did you grow your business from just getting by to becoming a multi-million dollar company?" The entrepreneur's answer is surprising and insightful: "Tacos. Tacos are really big." This funny moment highlights an important point – finding a product or service that connects with your target market is key to success. The conversation then shifts to education. The entrepreneur shares that he never went to college. He believes that while education is valuable, real-world experience is just as important in business. He stresses finding mentors who have succeeded in your field – people who can offer guidance based on their own experiences.

This TikTok video has deeply resonated with viewers, many of whom have been inspired by the entrepreneur's journey. Users have commented on his dedication to his family and the importance he places on faith. The video shows that success is possible for anyone, no matter their background or past struggles.

Image Source: @theschoolofhardknocks | TikTok
Image Source: @theschoolofhardknocks | TikTok

"Dude more of this guy, please. Great interview and he is 100% about needing god in your life," Vee commented. 

Image Source: @theschoolofhardknocks | TikTok
Image Source: @theschoolofhardknocks | TikTok

"As an ESL teacher, I love this for my students. He doesn't have the perfect English or pronunciation and that didn't stop him from achieving his dreams," said Sofibarney

The video also offers hope for those struggling. When asked what someone at rock bottom can do to turn their life around, the entrepreneur gives a heartfelt response. He emphasizes the importance of faith and staying positive. He believes that having strong values and believing in yourself are crucial for overcoming challenges. The School of Hard Knocks' TikTok video reminds us that success is a journey, not a destination. It's about taking opportunities, pushing through difficulties, and never giving up on your dreams.

@theschoolofhardknocks He went from sleeping in parking lots to building a $10 million business 🤯. I asked an eight figure restaurant entrepreneur how he went from living in poverty to becoming financially free. I also asked him how he was able to scale his business from 7 to 8 figures and his thoughts on college in todays world. #wealth #entrepreneur #financialfreedom #motivation ♬ original sound - The School of Hard Knocks


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