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Here's the Game-Changing Business Tip From the Entrepreneur Behind a Million Dollar SEO Venture

Joe Davies, who used to flip burgers at McDonald's, is now happy with his career as an SEO entrepreneur and is sharing advice on how to make millions.
Cover Image Source: Fatjoe team (representative image) |
Cover Image Source: Fatjoe team (representative image) |

Entrepreneurship is a dream for an increasing number of professionals who are inspired by innovative minds that made it big by placing belief in their ideas and making relentless efforts to make them work. One of these success stories is that of SEO entrepreneur Joe Davies, who is now offering tips on becoming a millionaire. Davies shared his desire to succeed after working at McDonald's and other low-paying jobs for years with childhood friend Joe Taylor. In an interview with Jam Press, 36-year-old Davies stated, "I wasn't interested in going to college the way I had planned because I was tired of learning and just wanted to earn money." "After leaving school, I mostly worked on construction sites, delivering goods from factories to shops, and flipping burgers at McDonald's," he stated. "I disliked it because I felt like I wasn't doing anything important." Seeing that online shopping was growing rapidly, Davies took a $125-per-week job as an IT apprentice, quickly learning how to use search engine optimization (SEO) to make money.

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"At the company where I worked, I was tasked with building a website and that's when I first encountered SEO," Davies said. "It intrigued me because it seemed like a mix of technical skills, creativity, and marketing, which resonated with my creative side," Davies said. In his subsequent position at an SEO agency, he quickly picked up on the business side. Davies suggested Taylor as a salesperson to his employer. After that, Davies said, "Everything fell into place." The two Joes, who were pals, would eventually become millionaires.

In 2012, the duo decided to start, since no other agency has previously created a strategy like the one that they used to help their clients get top SEO results. They made their first million within two years. Davies who still loves to play the guitar recalled, "As kids, we used to dream about being rich and famous, maybe even starting our rock band." "Well, we got halfway there." When the two Joes realized they would make a strong business team, they quit their employment in 2013 to devote all of their attention to their endeavor.

"Right from the beginning, we rented an office to make it feel official. Initially, we handled everything ourselves. Joe and I would work up to 13 hours a day just to keep up," Davies said, adding that they gradually built a large team of specialists and writers over time. 

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"We came to found this wonderful platform that allows agencies to outsource their SEO requirements. Interestingly, even our former agency uses it now," he continued. Based on information from Jam Press, the $12.6 million company employs 100 people worldwide. They have 1,000 agencies on their client roster. Growing up as an only child, Davies took inspiration from his 60-year-old father, Mick, who owns a first-aid training business.

According to Davies, prospective business owners need to have three essential qualities: a strong desire to achieve financially, curiosity, and personal drive. Davies advises making the first move, even though it may sound cliche. He stresses how crucial it is to get started and work your way up from there. "It may sound like a cliché, but just take that first step—start doing and building," Davies advised. "A major hurdle for me was procrastination and waiting for the perfect moment to begin, which, in reality, never arrives."