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Meet the Entrepreneurs who Bagged a 6-Figure Investment at 'Shark Tank' For a Face Mask Venture

Introduced to the world in 2022, HummViewer captured the attention of viewers and investors alike with its innovative design.
Cover Image Source: Instagram | hummviewer_hummingbirdfeeder
Cover Image Source: Instagram | hummviewer_hummingbirdfeeder

Success stories of entrepreneurs often emerge from the most unexpected places, and this is particularly true for the rise of HummViewer, a company propelled to stardom by its ingenious bird-feeding face masks, as showcased on ABC's hit television series "Shark Tank." What began as a seemingly whimsical concept has blossomed into a lucrative venture for the dynamic duo behind it, Joan and John Creed, marking a pivotal moment in their entrepreneurial journey, per CNBC Make It.

Introduced to the world in 2022, HummViewer captured the attention of viewers and investors alike with its innovative design. The premise was simple yet captivating: clear face masks adorned with sugar-water reservoirs cleverly disguised as flowers, offering enthusiasts an intimate encounter with hummingbirds in their natural habitat. Seizing the opportunity presented by "Shark Tank," the Creeds secured a game-changing deal as guest investor Daniel Lubetzky invested $75,000 for a 33% stake in their Loveland, Colorado-based enterprise.

Image Source: Instagram | hummviewer_hummingbirdfeeder
Image Source: Instagram | hummviewer_hummingbirdfeeder

The immediate aftermath of their televised debut was nothing short of remarkable. Within a mere twenty-four hours, HummViewer's inventory of 1,500 units had been entirely depleted, translating to an impressive $102,000 in sales. Such an overwhelming response spoke volumes about the product's appeal and the public's appetite for unique experiences.

But this was only the beginning, as HummViewer experienced exponential growth in just eight months, raking in a staggering $350,000 in revenue. For the Creeds, this surge in demand heralded a significant milestone–the decision to bid farewell to their conventional employment and devote themselves fully to their entrepreneurial pursuits. Indeed, the allure of entrepreneurship lies not only in financial prosperity but also in the freedom to pursue one's passion wholeheartedly.

Image Source: Instagram | hummviewer_hummingbirdfeeder
Image Source: Instagram | hummviewer_hummingbirdfeeder

But even amidst the jubilation of their newfound success, the Creeds encountered challenges that tested their resilience and resourcefulness. Foremost among these hurdles was the emergence of fraudulent copycat websites and unscrupulous third-party sellers seeking to capitalize on HummViewer's patented innovation. Faced with this onslaught of imitators, the Creeds enlisted legal assistance to combat these illicit activities, engaging in a relentless game of cat and mouse to safeguard their intellectual property rights.

Furthermore, the surge in demand precipitated logistical complications, particularly concerning manufacturing and quality control. Despite their partnership with a factory in China, efforts to scale up production to meet consumer demand resulted in unforeseen setbacks, including compromised product quality and compatibility issues. However, armed with Daniel Lubetzky's investment, the Creeds embarked on a pilgrimage to the manufacturing facility, determined to rectify these deficiencies firsthand. Through meticulous oversight and hands-on collaboration, they succeeded in enhancing product quality and streamlining production processes, ensuring a smoother customer experience for future iterations of HummViewer.


Looking back at their whirlwind journey, the Creeds expressed gratitude for the transformative impact of their "Shark Tank" experience. Beyond the realm of financial gain, the show provided them with a platform to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations, fostering personal and professional growth in the process. As they navigate the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship, the Creeds remain steadfast in their commitment to innovation and perseverance, embodying the spirit of resilience that defines their entrepreneurial voyage.