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Meet the Mortgage Broker who Helps out Borrowers With Tips on Social Media

Mortgage brokers act as liaisons between the borrower and the lender and assist the borrowers with concerns about the mortgage process.
Cover Image Source: Mortgage brokers are imparting financial literacy through social media (representative image) | Unsplash|Photo by Collabstr
Cover Image Source: Mortgage brokers are imparting financial literacy through social media (representative image) | Unsplash|Photo by Collabstr

From a platform to scroll through dance and music videos, TikTok has turned into a marketing hub, as well as the go to option for seeking financial and lifestyle tips. Mortgage options being offered by financial institutions can be confusing for most, and it is always advisable to seek the help of a mortgage broker who act as a liaison between the borrower and the lender. They even handle all the documents and processes on behalf of the borrower, in return for a fee.

Mortgages and loan applications have become complex. Image Source: Unsplash|Photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya
Mortgages and loan applications have become complex (representative image) | Unsplash|Photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya

Image Source: TikTok|@vladkhazov_mortgages
Snapshots from one of his videos | TikTok|@vladkhazov_mortgages

As the clientele is spending more time on social media and consuming to-the-point, visual content, these mortgage brokers are also using Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook actively to gain the attention of borrowers. One such broker who is creating financial literacy among the public is TikToker @Vladkhazov_mortgages. Vlad creates educational content around how the mortgage process works and answers the questions that new homebuyers might have. His videos are purely meant to enlighten the borrowers and start a conversation with them.

He has so far posted only 20 videos and has been able to get a viewership of 14,000. He is going strong and is aiming to generate more awareness amongst the borrowers. Vald Khazov said, “One of the biggest purposes is to educate people and to educate potential borrowers on some aspects in terms of applying for a mortgage, qualifying for a mortgage, what to be aware of,”. He further added, “There’s a lot of important aspects for getting a mortgage and a lot of people are just not familiar with it and don’t know what to ask when they’re new to it, right? So, it’s important to learn before you get into it, at least be somewhat prepared.”

Social media platforms have billions of users. More the users, the better the outreach. Globally 4.9 billion folks are on social media, and as per the stats from Forbes, 76% of the social media users bought something they saw on the platforms.

Image Source: Unsplash|Photo by Alexander Shatov
Mortgage brokers are leveraging social media for awareness (representative image) | Unsplash|Photo by Alexander Shatov

Sharing educational content and success stories can help mortgage brokers build a sense of credibility and trust amongst new borrowers who are hesitant to apply for a mortgage.


Social media platforms allow you to interact with others instantly. So, mortgage brokers can respond to the queries and comments from the borrowers swiftly and ensure no potential customer feels left out.


Social media platforms have the demographic data of all the users and their preferences and hence, they can help craft a stronger advertising campaign that can reach potential homebuyers.


Mortgage brokers can ask their connections to refer them to other potential borrowers online in real-time. Borrowers who seek the help of the broker can bring them more leads.

In addition to all that, social media platforms come with strong analytics that help businesses monitor the success metrics of the campaigns they are running so that they can tweak them to get better results. Mortgage brokers can use these measures to optimize their advertising campaigns to get more successful conversions.

For more content on mortgages, follow @Vladkhazov_mortgages on TikTok.