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TikTok Reveals a Heartbreaking Trend Of Moms Not Getting Presents On Christmas

The trend just shows how much work moms put in during the festive season which goes unrecognized.
Pexels | Photo by JESHOOTS
Pexels | Photo by JESHOOTS

A heartbreaking trend on TikTok has revealed that husbands are not buying their partners Christmas presents leaving women to buy their own. A viral video posted by a teenager on the platform shares the kid’s account of discovering that their mom had to buy her presents on Christmas Day. While it seemed to be a one-off incident, several users commented on the post relating to it while others have made similar videos.

The trend just shows how much work moms put in during the festive season which goes unrecognized.


A teenager becomes viral after recording a video expressing his dismay upon discovering that his mother has been filling her own stocking and purchasing her own Christmas presents every year

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In the TikTok video that amassed millions of views, the 14-year-old shared that they’d just discovered that their mom had to buy her presents. In the video, the kid says that they didn’t believe Santa would bring their mom presents but they believed their father would.

The teen further said that he was horrified to find out that his dad wasn’t doing this for his mom for a long time. “For the longest time, I thought my dad would care enough to do that simple thing for her, but he can’t. She does it all on her own,” he explained.

The creator further added that he figured his dad would be filling his mom’s Christmas stockings because she always fills her.

The comment section was filled with people sharing how their moms in their family often had to buy for themselves. One user commented that she always bought and wrapped her presents, and her child only realized it when she was in the hospital for one year failing to do so.

Another user heartbreakingly said that she had been married for 25 years, and her husband doesn’t get her “anything” on any occasion, including Christmas, Birthdays, and Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, a user wrote that their mom was always in charge of filling everyone else’s stockings but hers was always “empty.” Thus, she started to fill it since no one else in the family did.

Another wife shared that after over a decade of marriage, she started pretending she didn’t want anything for Christmas and admitted that it made her “sad” that no one bothered to buy her anything.

While the comments proved that this is a common trend, another video from creator Eve has gone viral adding to the trend. Eve shared on TikTok that last year her boyfriend of five years “forgot” to get her a Christmas gift.

She said she got excited when he asked her to check the glove department in his car, but it turned out that he just needed her to grab his wallet that was in there. Another video of a married woman who was “forgotten” by her husband on Christmas Day has also gone viral.

Creator, Aubree Jones shared a “PSA for husbands everywhere” after Josh, her husband of 12 years, was seen in a video realizing he hadn’t bought her a gift for the 10th year in a row.

"It took him 10 years to notice it’s been empty this whole time. @Josh Jones #marriedlife #marriage #husbandsoftiktok #fail #ohno #christmas #psa #pregnant", the creator wrote in the caption. 

@whataboutaub It took him 10 years to notice it’s been empty this whole time. @Josh Jones #marriedlife #marriage #husbandsoftiktok #fail #ohno #christmas #psa #pregnant ♬ Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee


The video has also amassed millions of views, with several women resonating with the content in the video. This heartbreaking trend proves that too many men are guilty of not getting Christmas presents for their partners completely ignoring the work done by them during the holidays.