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Hasbro Unveils Special Edition Furby to Celebrate Its 25 Years

When Furby first arrived on the market, it carried a price tag of $35. However, as its popularity soared, so did its price, reaching $100.
Cover Image Source: GettyImages/Tim Boyle
Cover Image Source: GettyImages/Tim Boyle

Long before AI chat bots and other talking robots made space for themselves at homes, there was Furby. A toy that spoke Furbish and sold 40 million pieces soon after its launch. Its craze could be understood by the robust demand it generated. Hasbro is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its beloved toy Furby by launching it again.

Introduced in 1998, Furby quickly became a sensation with its apparent artificial intelligence and adorableness. Now, with its fifth generation set to hit the shelves on July 15, Hasbro aims to reignite the excitement for Furby by combining nostalgia with the desires of the new generation.

When Furby first arrived on the market, it carried a price tag of $35. However, as its popularity soared, so did its price, reaching $100, according to People magazine. Furby's interactive nature allowed it to "learn" English as children interacted with it. The more kids played with Furby, the more it would "learn" and respond to them.

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However, the toy also faced controversy when rumors emerged that it could be used for espionage. As reported by MSN, the National Security Agency (NSA) banned Furby from secure locations due to concerns that it could record and transmit information. David Hampton, the creator of Furby, denied these allegations, clarifying that Furby was only preprogrammed to unlock different English words through play.

Furby was not recording or sending information anywhere, as reported by Yahoo Entertainment. Despite the ban, the controversy may have contributed to the toy's allure, sparking even more interest among consumers.

The upcoming generation of Furby retains its endearing appearance, resembling either a big-eyed furry owl or a colorful and friendly-looking "Ewok." However, it comes with a host of new features. According to Daily Star, the latest Furby boasts of five voice-activated modes, offering over 600 responses, including lights, sounds, and 10 songs. It responds to commands such as "Dance Party," "Copy Cat," "Tell My Fortune," "Let's Chill," and "Lightshow." Furby enjoys being hugged, patted, tickled on its belly, shaken, and fed.

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Hasbro conducted extensive research to understand what today's kids would desire in a new Furby. According to Kristin McKay, Hasbro's Vice President and General Manager for fashion and preschool, children expressed their desire for Furby to be their ultimate best friend – a furry companion to engage in activities such as dancing to music, sharing fortunes, meditating, mimicking voices in a silly manner, and even putting on a light show. Hasbro has incorporated these wishes into the new generation of Furby.

One of the exciting aspects of Furby is its ability to interact with other Furby toys. If two Furby toys are together, they can engage with each other, enhancing the play experience and providing an extra level of entertainment for kids. The new Furby is already listed on Amazon for $69.99.

Image Source: GettyImages/Tim Boyle
Image Source: GettyImages/Tim Boyle

Hasbro recognizes the impact Furby has had on popular culture since its launch in 1998. From influencing music to appearing in television shows and movies, Furby has become a cultural phenomenon. With the 25th anniversary edition, Hasbro aims to capture the power of nostalgia while catering to the desires of Generation Alpha, the current cohort of children.

As Furby prepares to make its comeback, fans can look forward to reliving the magic of this iconic toy. Whether it's the coral or purple version, the new Furby promises to be a furry companion and best friend for kids, offering endless hours of interactive play and entertainment.