Woman Claps Back After Getting Shamed For Having $65,000 in Credit Card Debt

Woman Claps Back After Getting Shamed For Having $65,000 in Credit Card Debt
Cover Image Source: Woman claps back after being shamed for her credit card debt | TikTok | Amanda Leigh

Credit card debts can be both emotionally and financially draining and therefore, the best thing one can do is not take debts. However, going into debt is unavoidable for a majority of the Americans as it's the only way many can afford a home, education, or even a car. As per CNBC, the average American has $103,358 in debt across student loans, mortgages, auto loans, and more. While debt is not uncommon, it still serves as a source of shame for many.

This TikToker experienced something similar as she admitted in one of her videos that she and her husband are trying to pay off $65,000 in credit card debt. In the video, Amanda Leigh budgets her paycheck and talks about her $65,000 in credit card debt. "It's payday, let's budget my paycheck, as somebody who has $65,000 in credit card debt."

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TikTok |
TikTok | Amanda Leigh

She then starts breaking down her and her husband's bi-weekly paycheck. "Our total gross income was around $16,191, after we take out holdings for taxes, a flexible spending account, and 401 (k) contributions, our take home is $11,329." She then goes on to tell the viewers what she pays with their paycheck, and at the end of the video, she mentions that right now $3,800 is going toward their debit card debt. 

Many took to the comment section to call out her expenditure choices when she has $65,000 in credit card debt. "You make 300,000 a year, 65,000 in credit cards should not be an issue pay off," read one of the top comments, while another user writes, "There is zero reason to be that much in debt with that kind of income!! No reason at all!"

Two days later, Leigh uploaded a follow-up video in which she explained how she budgeted her household paycheck. "I’m not saying I don’t deserve some level of scrutiny. I wanted to talk about what we spent for us to get to $65,000 in credit card debt," she says in the 5-minute-long video. Leigh then explains why they were in so much credit card debt in the first place. 

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"When I lost my job, that was completely unexpected," she said. She continued to explain how she said that she was "doing a good job, and getting accolades for her work." She also expected a huge bonus when out of the blue, she was laid off. She talked about the huge mistake that she made after she thought that she was soon getting a huge bonus. She states that she and her husband dipped into their emergency savings to get some house renovation work done as well as to pay for her "tummy tuck."

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TikTok | Amanda Leigh
TikTok | Amanda Leigh

She later goes on to mention how she raised that dipping into an emergency fund for something that wasn't that important was a huge mistake. She then talks about how the two had already bought two cars before she lost her job, which is now resulting in them paying $1600 in auto loans. Leigh and her husband were also paying for a family friend to go study cosmetology and also paid the friend's bills while she completed her classes. 

TikTok | Amanda Leigh
TikTok | Amanda Leigh

"I don’t regret that but it cost me $15,000," she says. "$65 thousand in credit card debt to me was a privilege,” she tells her viewers. “It was a Disney trip. It was a tummy tuck. These are not real problems. Being able to put a roof over your and your child’s head is a real problem. And I was working and I could give her some money," she adds. "Even if you make what we make, you can lose your job, you can make one dumb financial move and be f***ed. Thank God, it’s not a health issue," she says. 

Leigh's follow-up video seemed to have gained her some sympathy and respect from her viewers. "$65K nowadays is not a lot. Let them talk; you will get back on your feet! It's normal to go through this," read one comment while another wrote, "You’re so cool!! thanks for talking about this!!!"

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