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Airline can't find woman's business class ticket number, then she was forced to buy another one

She was told that the issue was because of something on the backend of the airline service platform and not any error on her part.
Cover Image Source: Airline fiasco (representative image) | Pexels | Shoval Zonnis
Cover Image Source: Airline fiasco (representative image) | Pexels | Shoval Zonnis

Currently, the inflation stands at around 8% in the US. However, there are still many consumer spending categories surpassing it. This includes the price of airline tickets which jumped around 25% — the largest jump since the Feds started tracking it back in 1989. With consumers paying such high prices you would think that the airlines offer impeccable services. However, the reality is far from that.

A flyer recently shared her experience on TikTok, and how she had to book new ticket for her international flight home from Athens, Greece, after the airline lost her business class ticket that cost thousands. In the nine-minute video posted on TikTok, hairdresser and content creator Tori Elyse (@imtorielyse on TikTok) says she was told that the issue was because of something on the backend of the airline service platform and not any error on her part. Even after this, she was ultimately forced to buy another ticket to get on the plane as she was scheduled to.

TikTok | @imtorielyse
TikTok | @imtorielyse

"We see your name, we see that you had reserved a seat, but we don’t have a ticket number for you, and if we don’t have a ticket number for you, we can’t get you on the flight,” she says she was told by Airline employees. "I’m like, 'Hmm, well our flight takes off in 45 minutes and I paid for this flight. My husband and I are flying together, like his flight and everything was fine. I need you guys to get me on this flight, like this is pretty crazy.'"

After this, she told her viewers that she ended up buying the ticket but expected it to be refunded. "I am starting to panic because it is 30 to 40 minutes before our flight leaves," she tells her viewers. 

Airplane Window while Travelling | Unsplash | Photo by Eva Darron
Unsplash | Photo by Eva Darron

She was then told by the employee how this was a problem on the Delta Airline's backend and yet he wouldn't be able to help as he doesn't have a ticket number. Soon she was informed that if she wanted to get on this flight, she would have to pay for it and that "it was the only way." "Mind you guys, I had bought a business class ticket, which cost me thousands and thousands of dollars and now they were telling me to buy another ticket."

Clara | TikTok
Clara | TikTok

Once on the flight, she realized that her TV was not working and that the plane had no WiFi. She then realized that her connecting flight back to Phoenix was 2 hours earlier than her husband's. "I was okay. I sprint to the next flight, and when I tried scanning the boarding pass, I get flagged like it was turning red instead of green." She then says how her boarding pass showed all the right details but upon scanning somebody else's name was popping up. She was then told that there was no way she would be able to get on this flight as there was no room left. 

However, she was soon able to get on the flight on a middle seat, and later went to pick her husband from the airport when her husband told her that their luggage had not arrived, and were still in Atlanta. She then goes on to say how she is aware that a lot of people love Delta Airlines and have not faced any problem but this was one of her most chaotic and awful flying experiences ever.

@imtorielyse I normally never post things like this.. but I had to share this with you guys because WTF. My flight home from Europe yesterday was an absolute NIGHTMARE. Thousands down the tubes. I am still in shock with @delta #deltaairlines #delta ♬ original sound - Imtorielyse 🥀


People in the comment section were furious to say the least. One user writes, "Like what if you were someone who couldn’t afford to spend more money for another ticket??? Nah this is WILD," to which the creator replied, "I know… they gave me 0 choice . I prob would’ve just been stuck in Athens." "How’d you book your ticket? Like online through Delta or on the phone through Delta or another travel service?" asks another, to which the creator writes, "Booked through Amex which has always been a safe option- they’re also partnered so all of my confirmations, etc came from Delta!"