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'Order sitting in warehouse': Woman accuses major retailer of owing her small business $132k

"Francesca's owes my small businesses $132,461.92. Umm, they stopped paying in November," the business owner said.
Cover Image Source: Woman reveals how much a big company owes her | TikTok | mugsby
Cover Image Source: Woman reveals how much a big company owes her | TikTok | mugsby

Small businesses have contributed over 44% to the U.S. GDP. They are also responsible for generating more than 12.9 million jobs over the past 25 years, which accounted for 66% of employment in the nation, per Elavon. These statistics show how important small businesses are for the nation which is why it's important to protect businesses from scams and exploitation for the greater good of the nation. 

TikTok | mugsby

This TikTok (@mugsby) user took to the popular platform to talk about how she has yet to receive a huge payment from Francesca's and doesn't expect it to come anytime soon. 

E | TikTok
E | TikTok

"As of today, Francesca's owes my small businesses $132,461.92. Umm, they stopped paying in November. We had been working for over a year, so they stopped paying us back in November which is the oldest purchase order that they owe us for and we have other purchase orders," she says. On top of this, she also talks about how there's a purchase order "sitting in warehouse currently, and is made specifically for them, which we are unable to ship due to non-payments," she says. "Yesterday, I had about 20 people send me a viral TikTok made by Taylor Elliott designs," the author of which complained about a similar problem. 

Taylor Elliorr Designs | TikTok
Taylor Elliorr Designs | TikTok

"Do I feel better? No. But, hopefully, I will. It's important for people to be aware of the situation because it is hard for small businesses to be able to make payroll, bring in new products, and sell when they're out of money," she says. She also talks about how summers can be "notoriously slow" for many business owners, including themselves. "We are relying on the money that we are owed, to be able to cover those types of costs. So, I just wanted to share that with you and bring awareness and let you know that it sucks!" she said before ending the video.

Many took to the videos to talk about how this is simply not right! "My Francesca’s manager would change our clock in times to save payroll instead of a policy and then got mad at me when I figured it out and told the team," one wrote while another talked about how her time working at Francesca's, "As much as I used to love Francesca’s, I would love to give you the money personally! Where can we find your items?" 

"Francesca’s CEO, Andrew Clarke, is on LinkedIn. It’d be a shame if someone asked him why they are not paying their vendors on his latest post about their collaboration with @Taylor Swift," writes a user from a verified account. Another user talked about her own experience as a small business owner. "Anthropologie once owed my small business around the same amount (90 days late on payment) I had to start calling them on the phone every single day to get payment. I feel your pain!"

@mugsby Thank you @Taylor Elliott Designs for bringing awareness. #smallbusiness ♬ original sound - Mugsby


While others are simply glad that small business owners are gathering the courage to stand up for themselves. "I’m glad you and @Taylor Elliott Designs are speaking out. I know it must be hard but it will no doubt help others," reads one comment. 

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