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Influencer Claims That Being Broke is Just a State of Mind; Here's What Netizens Feel

One of the influencers revealed that he is in $100,000 credit card debt, but he is going to St. Barths, Gucci store, and Balthazar to enjoy.
Cover Image Source: TikTok| @subwaytakes feat @Jean-Luc
Cover Image Source: TikTok| @subwaytakes feat @Jean-Luc

Influencers have moved beyond simply posting dance videos and recording makeup tutorials, as they now focus on financial awareness. Beyond investment tips and hacks for saving cash, they are also sparking debates about the difference between being broke and thinking that one does not have enough money. As part of recent social media discourse, influencers are supporting the notion that being broke is just a mindset. In episode 89 of @subwaytakes, a video went viral where @Jean-Luc and @KAREEM RAHMA were both seen taking the conversation to the next level and offering insights on how it feels to be broke. 

Image Source: TikTok|@subwaytakes feat @Jean-Luc
Image Source: TikTok| @subwaytakes feat @Jean-Luc 

In the video, Jean was seen conversing with Kareem on his take on being broke. He said that if more people didn't think they were broke, they wouldn't be, to which Kareem agreed. He later revealed that he is right now in $100,000 credit card debt, but he is going to St. Barths, Gucci store, and Balthazar to enjoy. Jean then discussed the whole situation and named it the 'abundance mindset' in which, according to him, money always comes if you think positively and believe that you are not broke. Jean said that it is all about thinking that you have money, but Kareem said that only Jean could take it to the next level. "If I was broke, I would go to Balthazar to enjoy seafood but would never to St. Barths and Gucci as it would literally harm my finances," he said. Listening to that, Jean commented that he even got a new card to shop even more, to which both laughed hysterically.

Image Source: TikTok|@subwaytakes feat @Jean-Luc
Image Source: TikTok|@subwaytakes feat @Jean-Luc

Users were startled by the video and wondered how these guys even managed their finances. @iconic lesbian commented, "I am both terrified and inspired by this take." @not_alden then commented, "Bros, mindset gonna change real quick one day." @Mike hilariously commented by saying, "Abundance mindset = just spend other people’s $ and don’t pay it back". 

Screenshot of a comment under the post. Image Source: TikTok|@subwaytakes
Image Source: TikTok | @subwaytakes feat @Jean-Luc

@Trev commented, "Based on the typa content dude makes I think it’s safe to assume he’s joking but I have a nagging feeling that he lowkey isn’t." @ib57615 commented showing concern over his debt and said, "That $100K debt is compounding interest at a 20% rate annually, which means in 3.5 years, this $100K will be $200K in debt." @Ana Maria hysterically commented, "Delulu and abundance mindset are nice synonyms." @Jay punched a sattire and commented, "It’s like that girl who lived in rich hotels and just lived like she was rich by sleeping in lobbies and pretending she was a billionaire's daughter." 

Screenshot of a comment under the post. Image Source: TikTok|@subwaytakes
Image Source: TikTok | @subwaytakes feat @Jean-Luc 

This could also be an instance of influencers going hysterical over trends such as dry dating, and delulu is the solulu. Adding to the debates around lifestyle choices on TikTok, social media influencer Chloe Liem has garnered attention for her unapologetic display of a luxurious and privileged life that she can afford, thanks to the generational wealth flowing through her dad's credit cards.

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