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'Stay-At-Home-Daughter' Whose Full-Time Occupation is to Live a Lavish Life, Triggers TikTok Debate

Liem's rise to fame with her luxurious lifestyle opens conversations about social perceptions, privilege, and social media's role in shaping these narratives.
TikTok | @chloeabeth4545
TikTok | @chloeabeth4545
TikTok | @chloeabeth4545
TikTok | @chloeabeth4545

Chloe Liem, a TikTok personality residing in Singapore, has become an internet sensation for her unabashed display of a "stay-at-home daughter" lifestyle, offering her audience a peek into a world of opulence and excess. Liem's recent video, titled "What I spend in a day as a stay-at-home daughter living in Singapore," has garnered attention for its unapologetic portrayal of life often associated with luxury and privilege, all thanks to generational wealth flowing through her dad's credit card.

In the video, Liem takes followers on a virtual tour of her day, beginning with a visit to luxury brand Cartier's outlet. Despite claiming she had no intention of spending money, Liem ended up splurging $5,000 on a pair of earrings. The day continued with an extravagant lunch at the Michelin-starred restaurant Imperial Treasure, where she dined with four friends, racking up an $800 bill. Liem concluded her spending spree with desserts at the renowned Marmalade Pantry, with the cheapest item of the day costing $25. What sets Liem apart is her audacious declaration that everything she spends on is considered free since it's not her money but her parents. From charging designer purchases to her dad's credit card to considering the family car as a free ride, Liem showcases a lifestyle that many can only dream of.

TikTok | @chloeabeth4545
TikTok | @chloeabeth4545

Chloe Liem's videos have sparked a mix of reactions from viewers. Some expressed envy, praising the "stay-at-home daughter" lifestyle while others took a lighthearted approach, comparing their own financial struggles to her carefree demeanor. Liem's unfiltered portrayal of her opulent life has ignited discussions about wealth, privilege, and societal expectations.

In a separate video, Liem humorously breaks down what she calls the 'stay-at-home daughter starter pack.' She highlights a loaded father as one of the essentials for sustaining such as lifestyle, suggesting backgrounds like real estate moguls or finance professionals. Liem also emphasizes the importance of attending private school, making connections with people from similar backgrounds, and acquiring the 'holy trinity of rich girl bracelets' by the age of 16. Adding a humorous touch, she insists that a faithful sidekick must be a small dog breed, fitting into a Birkin 35, preferably Poodles, Poms, or Chihuahuas.

Whether viewed with admiration, curiosity, or a touch of humor, Liem's content continues to captivate audiences worldwide, offering a glimpse into a world where the everyday norms are anything but ordinary, and appealing to the aspirations of social media users.