Americans Are Thronging Italy For A Perfect Vacation. But Italians Are Leaving Their Homes

Americans Are Thronging Italy For A Perfect Vacation. But Italians Are Leaving Their Homes
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After pandemic-induced lockdowns meant no travel for over two years, the tourism industry is now going strong around the world. As per UNWTO, international tourism is back to 80% of pre-pandemic levels in the first quarter of 2023.

Tourists are back in Italy as well. They are exploring Italy's architecture, culture, art, opera, literature, film, fashion, and of course the beaches! Americans are also coming in hordes for their perfect Italian holiday.

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The seaside towns here are famous for their wine, food, and good-looking people in fast cars. Tourists love to spend time here.

How Are Beaches In Italy Different From Those In America?

Unlike Americans, Italians have a systematic way to enjoy the beach life. The Italians have literally constructed small cities on these beaches and there's a protocol in place that everyone needs to follow. On these beaches, you will have to rent a beach chair and umbrella from the cabana boys. The chair and the umbrellas are arranged in rows and each one of them is numbered that stretch all the way to the sea, which is almost a quarter mile from the street. The Adriatic Sea is a beautiful sight to witness, it separates the Italian peninsula from Croatia and Albania 100 miles to the east.

It's a Bargain For Vacationing Americans

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For the Americans, these small cities in Italy can offer great value for their money. The fact that Italians are friendly people also contributes to more and more Americans visiting the place. The country relies on tourism a lot, resulting in the best hospitality services. More than 2 million Italians are employed in the hospitality sector which makes up about 8% of the total employment. A vacationing American can get a room for $200-$400 a night, depending on the day of the week, as per CNBC. 

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Why are Italians Leaving Italy?

Pexels | Jacob Morch
Pexels | Jacob Morch

While Italy is known for all the good things, the country also crops up in conversations surrounding high taxes. Low average income, and of course high inflation. It was reported by the publication that over 5 million Italians are now living overseas.

Italians pay three taxes: national income tax (including a 9.2% social security contribution), regional taxes and municipal taxes. The income tax rate is progressive: The top rate for the income tax is 43% — higher than the European average of 38%. 

“Italy is a country where young people count for too little, where 64.5% of the population think there are too many older people in positions of power: this is an opinion held by eight out of ten young people, even though it is actually confirmed across the different age groups”, Cng President Maria Cristina Pisani told EURACTIV Italy.

Italy's One Dollar Houses: What The Deal?


The 1 dollar houses have been in the conversation for quite some time now. As young Italians are increasingly leaving their villages and towns in search of opportunities in big cities and other countries, the sleepy, pretty remote towns are left with a tiny and aging population. This is exactly why over 25 Italian municipalities are making prospective buyers a classic Italian offer they can't refuse- a home for $1, as per The Independent. The idea is to improve the conditions of these houses and get as many people as they can to move there and start a life. 

“We do not need new constructions and new overbuilding. The strategy to improve the housing environment and reclaim our cultural identity is to revive the small abandoned centers or to redevelop buildings in a state of abandonment, with a story that is our history,” reads a statement by the team at

What's The Catch?

Pexels | Pixabay
Pexels | Pixabay



You won't be getting a lavish villa for that price but rather a property that needs immediate renovation. Even in that case, this is a pretty good deal, considering the cost of renovation will be lower than what you would spend in buying a brand new house in the same locality.


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