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'The Great Kentucky Hoard': Gold Coins Worth Millions From Civil War-Era Found in Rural Farm

Among the remarkable discoveries are the exceedingly rare 1863-P $20 Gold Liberty coins, with an astonishing total of 18 unearthed specimens.
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A man in Kentucky recently made a remarkable discovery on his rural farm—a treasure trove of over 700 coins dating back to the Civil War era. Known as 'The Great Kentucky Hoard,' this collection includes a set of 1863 Double Eagles and several hundred U.S. gold dollars minted between 1850 and 1862. The authenticity and condition of these coins have been certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Company, adding to their value and significance, per Greek Reporter.

A captivating video released by GovMint, a renowned collector's coin marketer based in the United States, showcases an unidentified individual unveiling a cache of extraordinary valuables from beneath the earth's surface. Overwhelmed with astonishment, the man exclaims, "This is absolutely mind-boggling! These coins are comprised of $1 gold, $20 gold, and $10 gold denominations, and I'm still discovering more!" Regrettably, the precise location of this extraordinary find is yet to be disclosed. All we know is that most of the coins were found loose in the ground in a cornfield in Kentucky but at least one coin showed the remnants of a cloth bag on it.

GovMint reveals that an astounding 95% of the uncovered coins are gold dollars. Within this collection, one can find approximately twenty $10 Liberty coins, minted between 1840 and 1862 as well as roughly eight $20 Liberty coins, minted from 1857 to 1862. Among the remarkable discoveries are the exceedingly rare 1863-P $20 Gold Liberty coins, with an astonishing total of 18 unearthed specimens. These coins, avidly sought by collectors, possess the potential to command prices in the six-figure range.

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An intriguing feature of these coins lies in the absence of the phrase "In God We Trust," a motto that was added to all gold and silver currency following the conclusion of the Civil War in 1866. GovMint estimates that a solitary coin lacking this inscription could potentially fetch a six-figure sum, based on their assessment.

Kentucky held a unique position during the Civil War as it bordered both Union and Confederate states. Initially declaring neutrality in 1861, the state legislature saw a shift in allegiance as the Union gained significant control by 1862. Experts speculate that the hoard of coins discovered in 'The Great Kentucky Hoard' may be connected to the conflicts experienced in the state during that time.


The Civil War tore families apart and it is plausible that these coins could have been lost or buried during those tumultuous times. In fact, some Kentuckians buried their money to protect it from being stolen by Confederate troops. The coins "vanished from circulation" at the beginning of the year, as reported by GovMint.

'The Great Kentucky Hoard' represents a significant historical find that sheds light on life in the 1800s. estimates that the hoard is now worth millions of dollars. Jeff Garrett, a veteran Kentucky numismatist from Mid American Rare Coin Galleries in Lexington, expressed his excitement about the discovery, stating that the opportunity to handle the "Great Kentucky Hoard" is one of the highlights of his career. "The stunning number of over 700 gold dollars represents a virtual time capsule of Civil War-era coinage, including coins from the elusive Dahlonega Mint,” he stated. The coins have been certified, cleaned and are now displayed with eye-catching luster.


Coin collectors and enthusiasts will soon have the chance to own these individual coins through Bill Gale, the founder and president of GovMint, emphasized the importance of preserving and appreciating these historic coins for generations to come. Each coin will come with a 'The Great Kentucky Hoard' certification label, adding further value and provenance to these extraordinary pieces of history.