Here are Credit Card Hacks From a Blogger Who Became a Billionaire Through Financial Wisdom

Here are Credit Card Hacks From a Blogger Who Became a Billionaire Through Financial Wisdom
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Gone are the days when large investments were a prerequisite to become entrepreneurs, as creative individuals are building their own brands by directly reaching out to consumers via social media channels. Times are changing, and now, people's outlook towards businesses has also transformed as any unique idea that benefits users can become popular because ultimately, customers are the ones who will be generating revenue. One such story is that of American businesswoman Tori Dunlap who did not have access to any ancestral money, paid ads, or financial wisdom. Let's have a look at how she fulfilled her dream of of building something creative and became a self-made millionaire. 

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Unique ideas can make people millionaires (representative image) | Pexels | Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

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Dunlap was born in Tacoma, Washington and after completing her studies, she went on to pursue her professional career working as a digital marketing manager in Seattle. She was not satisfied with what she was earning and at the age of 22, with just $40 in hand, she started a side hustle which was a financial blog aimed at making other women rich. Dunlap taught other women how to invest, save money, and start their own multi-dollar startups in her blog. She started slow but the relatability and value of her brand got her a dedicated following which upsurged to 3 million when she joined TikTok. She is now the #1 money podcast for women host and her book, "Financial Feminist" made its way to The New York Times bestselling list. After saving $100,000 by the age of 25, she resigned from her job and to pursue blogging full-time. Her blog which started with $40, grew into a venture that earned a revenue of $4 million last year.

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Dunlap reveals that she has a debit card that is lying in the kitchen drawer because she prefers using credit cards due to their amazing benefits. However, she shares that she is aware of the downside of using credit cards. 

Everyone is aware of the luring rewards credit cards offer. Credit card scores are Dunlap's "secret hack" for making luxury purchases. She went business class on a Seattle-Paris trip and stayed at luxe hotels just with her credit card points that were saved last year. 

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With the usage of credit cards, you have to make sure that you maintain an impressive credit card score. Making bill payments on time can help you boost your credit score and further increase your credit limit. Don't get into the habit of collecting credit card debt as it can affect the score badly. 

Payments made through credit cards can be canceled anytime if there are any unauthorized purchases made by the card. The cancellation charges are just $50, which saves you from any frauds or suspicious transactions being made. If a debit card PIN is hacked, then it is almost impossible to recover those funds, hence credit card is the best option in such cases. 

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Credit cards (representative image) | Pexels | Photo by Leeloo The First

Tedd Rossman, an industry expert, shares that before switching from debit to credit cards, make sure you ask yourself a few questions. Some of them include, "Will I be able to pay bills on time?" and "Can I control my cravings and not overspend?" If you have a positive answer to these questions, you can make a switch. Dunlap says that a credit card can become a stabbing knife if you do not use it wisely and can harm your financial situation. She emphasizes using credit cards judiciously to manage your finances smoothly.


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