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What Is 'Ice Ice Baby' Rapper Vanilla Ice's Net Worth?

In 1991, his iconic track "Ice Ice Baby" earned him the People's Choice Award for Best New Song.
Cover Image Source: Vanilla Ice | Getty Images | Photo by Ian Gavan
Cover Image Source: Vanilla Ice | Getty Images | Photo by Ian Gavan
Name Robert Matthew Van Winkle a.k.a Vanilla Ice
Net Worth $14 Million
Salary $0.1 Million +
Annual Income $1 Million +
Sources of Income Music Sales and Royalties, Concerts and Tours, Reality TV Show
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 31, 1967
Age 55 Years
Nationality  United States of America
Profession Singer, Actor, Record producer, Rapper, Musician, Presenter

Rapper and musician Vanilla Ice was recently in the news when Seth Rogen announced using his 1991 hit "Ninja Rap" in the 2023 sci-fi/comedy "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem." While we enjoy the fun number, here's a look at Ice's net worth, sources of income, assets, and more.


Vanilla Ice, born Robert Matthew Van Winkle on October 31, 1967, in Dallas, Texas, experienced a tumultuous childhood marked by family changes and a passion for hip-hop. Raised by a mother who went through divorces and remarriages, Vanilla Ice faced the challenge of adapting to new environments as his family moved between Dallas and Miami. His journey into hip-hop began at the age of 13 when he embraced breakdancing, earning the nickname Vanilla Ice for being the only white boy in the early hip-hop scene. Despite initial reluctance, the moniker stuck.

His breakdancing skills led to the formation of The Vanilla Ice Posse, a group in Texas. While initially aspiring to a career in motocross, a broken ankle shifted his focus to perfecting dance moves during the downtime. Vanilla Ice's entry into the rap scene took a significant turn when he impressed a nightclub audience during an open-mic night at City Lights. This pivotal moment set the stage for his future in the music industry, opening for renowned artists and eventually leading to the creation of his iconic track, "Ice Ice Baby." Amidst the highs of his rising career, Vanilla Ice also faced challenges, surviving a stabbing incident in 1987. These early life experiences and influences shaped the foundation of Vanilla Ice's journey in the world of hip-hop.

Vanilla Ice, born Robert Matthew Van Winkle, gained massive fame with his hit single "Ice Ice Baby" in 1990. Over the years, he has diversified his income sources and established himself as not only a musician but also a reality TV personality and real estate investor. Vanilla Ice's net worth is a subject of debate among sources. Some claim he's worth about $12 million, while others stick with a solid $14 million. There's also speculation that his worth could be around $18 million in 2023, per Money Inc.

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Despite facing challenges and negative reviews during the '90s, Vanilla Ice has successfully retained a portion of his wealth over the years. In 2020, Van Winkle's net worth stood at $10 million. Vanilla Ice indulged in extravagant expenditures such as yachts, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, mansions, jet skis, and more, as per reports.

Vanilla Ice's career took off with the accidental success of "Ice Ice Baby," initially the B-side of a single released by Ichiban Records. The song's unexpected popularity made it a chart-topping hit, but success came with challenges, including a confrontation with Suge Knight, resulting in the relinquishment of song rights. His debut album, "To the Extreme," set records as the fastest-selling hip-hop album ever, maintaining its chart dominance for 16 weeks. Beyond music, Vanilla Ice delved into acting, notably in "Cool As Ice" and reality TV with "The Surreal Life." In a career shift, since 2010, he has been flipping houses in Florida on "The Vanilla Ice Project."


Hobbies outside of music interests and activities

Vanilla Ice temporarily stepped away from his music career to pursue his passions for motocross and jet skiing. Embracing a break from the spotlight, he indulged in the adrenaline-fueled worlds of off-road racing and aquatic adventures.

Vanilla Ice's salary and business ventures

Vanilla Ice has a monthly income of about $68,000, translating to approximately $800,000 per year. This income is generated from his music royalties, appearances, and particularly his role on "The Vanilla Ice Project," where he showcases his expertise in real estate renovation and flipping. His hits include "Ninja Rap," "Roll ‘Em Up," "Rollin’ In My 5.0," etc. His real estate ventures have allowed him to accumulate valuable assets and diversify his income streams.


Vanilla Ice's total assets include a combination of properties, vehicles, and other investments. He has $3 million worth of liquid assets and owns 15 properties, eight cars, and a boat, with a combined worth of around $5 million. Additionally, his real estate portfolio might be worth even more depending on market conditions and property valuations.

In 2011, he successfully sold his mansion located in Wellington, Florida, fetching an impressive $4.1 million. In addition to his ventures in the real estate sector, Vanilla Ice boasts an eclectic car collection, and among his prized possessions are a Lamborghini, a Rolls-Royce, and a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.


Net Worth in 2020 $10 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $12 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $13 Million
Net Worth in 2023 $14 Million
Instagram 514K followers
Twitter 48.3K followers
Facebook 745K followers

Vanilla Ice was born on October 31, 1967, in Dallas, Texas. He gained fame as a rapper with his hit single "Ice Ice Baby," which became the first hip-hop single to reach number one on the Billboard charts. Over the years, he faced personal challenges and battled drug addiction. He has been married and divorced with three children from different marriages.

Divorce and financial status

In November 2018, Vanilla Ice faced a significant life change as his wife of 21 years, Laura, filed for divorce. The documents revealed that Vanilla Ice's monthly income averaged $68,000, totaling around $800,000 per year. His assets included $3 million in liquid assets, 15 properties, eight cars, and a boat, valued at approximately $5 million in total. While the actual worth of his real estate portfolio depended on market conditions, the divorce proceedings resulted in a judge ordering Vanilla Ice to pay $121,000 in overdue support payments, along with an additional $10,000 per month until a final settlement was reached.

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In 1991, his iconic track "Ice Ice Baby" earned him the People's Choice Award for Best New Song, showcasing his widespread popularity. Additionally, his impact on the rap genre led to a Grammy nomination in the same year for Best Rap Solo Performance. His impact on popular culture and music during the early 1990s is undeniable.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Scott Harrison
Image Source: Scott Harrison/Getty Images

Is Vanilla Ice still making music?

Yes, Vanilla Ice continues to be involved in the music industry, occasionally releasing new music and performing in concerts.

What is Vanilla Ice's most famous song?

Vanilla Ice's most famous song is "Ice Ice Baby," which became a massive hit and contributed significantly to his initial success.

How did Vanilla Ice become involved in real estate?

Vanilla Ice's interest in real estate developed over the years, and he began flipping houses as a part of his reality TV show "The Vanilla Ice Project."

What is Vanilla Ice's current focus?

Apart from his music, Vanilla Ice remains focused on his real estate ventures and his role as a reality TV personality.

How old is Vanilla Ice?

Vanilla Ice currently is 56 years old.

What is Vanilla Ice's real name?

His real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle.

How much is Vanilla Ice worth?

As of 2023 Vanilla Ice's worth is $12 million.

Who is Vanilla Ice married to now?

He has not married after his divorce from his ex-wife Laura.

Is Vanilla Ice related to Rip Van Winkle?


Who wrote "Ice Ice Baby"?

Vannila Ice wrote "Ice Ice Baby."

Who owns the rights to "Ice Ice Baby"?

Vanilla Ice bought the rights to “Under Pressure” and gave credit to Bowie and Queen on “Ice Ice Baby”.

Does Vanilla Ice have a wife?


Why did Vanilla Ice disappear?

His album ‘Min Blowin’ was released in 1994, the album received negative reviews and didn’t do too well in sales. Struggling with a declining career, the singer turned to drug dependency hence the disappearance.

Where did Vanilla Ice buy a house?

He bought two homes on Rattlesnake Island.

Who is Vanilla Ice's father?

Van Winkle is his father.

How did Vanilla Ice make his money?

He made his money through music ventures, concerts, reality shows, etc.