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TikToker Adds Her 'Excellent' Credit Score To Dating Bio, This Is How Men React

One user commented to the post, "Girl the men don’t need to know that. Let them show you THEIR credit score. (also a good job!)"
UPDATED JAN 22, 2024
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay
Cover Image Source: Pexels | Pixabay

Those swiping left or right on a dating app were both surprised and amazed to see a profile that had the user's credit score. A TikToker had shared her "excellent" credit score of 804 and the men on Hinge were immediately interested. The TikToker, Spreadsheet Shan, took to the video-sharing platform and posted a video captioned, "Added my credit score to my Hinge profile, and here's how it went."

The first response came from a user named Aaron, who said, "All I needed to see. Drinks next Thursday?" While the  second user Kai quipped, "Holy s**t marry me". 

"Haha. Great Flex" wrote Micheal. Jeremey, who was pretty blatant about how he felt, said, "I'm aroused" "

"I'm cracking tf up," Griffin said. Will on the other hand was truthful about how he felt writing, "Lmao I have never seen this on here. Respect though."

One user said that he was part of the same "excellent" credit score club while the rest simply reacted like most guys with, "Hot" and "Woah".

Women also had a lot to say in the comment section of the post. One user wrote, "Girl the men don’t need to know that. Let them show you THEIR credit score. (also a good job!)" while another wrote, "My credit is 829 but I feel like that would attract all the broke guys"

What Is Credit Score?

Pexels |  Pixabay
Pexels | Pixabay

According to Investopedia, a credit score rates your credit worth. The credit score is generated based on a number of factors like total levels of debt, repayment history, and other factors. The lenders decide on the basis of this score if you are worthy of their money and will be able to pay on time.

The credit score model was first created by Fair Isaac Corp, now known as FICO and it's used by financial institutions.

How Is Your Credit Score Calculated?

Pexels | Pixabay
Pexels | Pixabay

The whole thing is reported, updated, and stored by three major credit reporting agencies in the U.S.-- Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Te credit score evaluation is based on five parameters  -- Payment history 35%; Amounts owed 30%; Length of credit history  15%; Types of credit 10% and New credit 10%. 

How Can You Better Your Credit Score?

Here are certain steps you can take to improve your credit score

Pay The Bills On Time: You need just six months of disciplined bill payment to see a noticeable difference in your credit score.

Increase Your Credit Line: Inquire about a credit increase. However, higher credit limits don't mean you need to spend to the fullest, instead lay low and pay your bills on time.

Refrain From Shutting Down Your Credit Card Account: Depending on your age and your credit score, shutting down a credit card account can hurt your credit score. 

But Slow Down On New Accounts: No matter how tempting the new credit card scheme sounds, one should remember to allow some breathing time in between opening accounts so that one doesn't come off as a person desperate for funds.


What Is a Credit Report?

Though closely related, the two terms are not interchangeable. A credit report details the personal information and financial information in a report form. You are entitled to check your credit report through the three major bureaus via

What Are The Credit Score Ranges?

As per FICO, the ranges are, Exceptional: 800 and above, Very Good: 740-799, Good: 670-739, Fair: 580-669, and Poor: 579 and lower. 

As per VatangeScore 3.0, the ranges are, Excellent: 750 to 850, Good: 700 to 749, Fair: 650 to 699, Poor: 550 to 649, and Very Poor: 300 to 549.