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Video Exposes Cramped Space in NYC Falsely Advertised as Spacious Property; Netizens React

An Instagram video reveals the shocking reality of NYC apartments.
Cover Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Deborah Cortelazzi
Cover Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Deborah Cortelazzi

Property prices and rising rent as well as other costs in daily life have become a subject of debate on social media platforms. Whether it's a discussion about leaving a tip or the discourse around rising rent, New York City has always been in the spotlight among major American cities. As affordable accommodation becomes harder to find, businesses are charging excessively high prices for cramped spaces and labeling it as a stroke of luck for the buyer. One such incident was highlighted by an Instagram user, @ocr_realty. In a video, he showcased a studio apartment featuring two rooms and one bathroom. During the tour, he expressed his dismay, labeling it as one of the worst-designed apartments he had encountered, despite the listing's description promising a modern kitchen, high ceilings, exposed brick, and hardwood floors.

Apartments in New York are not just small but also high-priced. Image Source: Unsplash|Photo by  Sangga Rima Roman Selia
 Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Sangga Rima Roman Selia

Upon entering the place, he found out that the shower head was uncomfortably close to the fridge and kitchen area, with the bathroom awkwardly wedged in between. The bathroom itself was incredibly cramped, lacking both a sink and a mirror, and featured only a single window. The shower, positioned too close to the main door, offered scarcely enough room to stand, let alone bathe.

As he walked through the space, he showed the kitchen and living area, which boasted three windows and a small closet. However, the shock truly set in when he disclosed the rent: a staggering $3,495 per month for what was advertised as a "charming studio in the heart of NoLita."

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According to, other similar apartments in the building command an extravagant $7,500 per month. Despite the lavish surroundings, the reality remains that these apartments are cramped, with one such unit spanning only 500 square feet and featuring two bedrooms sharing a single bathroom.

The exorbitant pricing for such poorly designed spaces is simply unacceptable. Many relocating to New York seeking to establish their careers may be compelled to settle for these subpar options if prices are even slightly lower.

Screenshot of a comment under the video. Image Source: Instagram|@ocr_realty
Image Source: Screenshot of a comment under the video | Instagram | @ocr_realty

The response from viewers was not just one of frustration but also highlighted the absurdity of the pricing paired with the substandard design. For instance, one person commented, "Is nobody going to discuss the amount of mold in that grimy-ass shower?"

While another expressed outrage, stating, "This one actually gets me mad. They should not be allowed to get away with that. Hopefully, the landlord gets reported for violation and is forced to update that crappy apartment and the rest of them that are attached to it. It's shameful."

Screenshot of a comment under the video. Image Source: Instagram|@ocr_realty
Image Source: Screenshot of a comment under the video | Instagram | @ocr_realty 

The outrage wasn't just about the price; it was also directed at the appalling design of the studio apartment. One viewer expressed her frustration, saying, "Jail for everyone involved." Some else highlighted the absurdity of the layout, commenting, "Guess you gotta straddle the toilet to even sit down."

A different user questioned the legality of such practices, stating, "This gotta be and I mean NO real New Yorker lives in any of these nasty small run-down apartments, especially at these ridiculous prices ..this is for people moving here for some sort of dream cause NO WAY." Another commentator raised safety concerns, pointing out, "Having an open shower right next to the fridge and stove, how is this not a fire hazard????"

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