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Unclaimed Assets Worth Billions are Lying With the Government; TikToker Shows How to Reclaim Them

Discover the viral TikTok guide that empowers you to reclaim forgotten funds.
Recently TikTok announced that every account belonging to a user below age 18 have a 60-minute daily screen time limit automatically set. Getty Images | Photo by Matt Cardy
Recently TikTok announced that every account belonging to a user below age 18 have a 60-minute daily screen time limit automatically set. Getty Images | Photo by Matt Cardy

In the vast landscape of state treasuries, there lies an immense reservoir of unclaimed financial assets abandoned or forgotten by their rightful owners. Like a digital lost and found, these assets, ranging from forgotten paychecks to utility refunds, are held by state governments for safekeeping until their owners come forward to claim what's rightfully theirs. Surprisingly, many Americans remain unaware of the money waiting for them in this financial limbo.

But social media has the answer to such intriguing mysteries, and recently, a TikTok video has taken the internet by storm, providing a step-by-step guide on how to access billions in unclaimed funds. With over 5.1 million views since April, the video, created by Alex Pearlman has become a viral sensation, sparking a wave of interest and success stories among viewers.

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Pexels | The Viral TikTok Revelation

To appreciate the significance of this financial windfall, it's crucial to understand what unclaimed property entails. Unclaimed property refers to any financial asset that has been abandoned or forgotten for three to five years, after which it must, by law, be surrendered to the state. About one in seven Americans has some form of unclaimed property, according to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

At the center of this unclaimed property phenomenon is a TikTok video that has captured the attention of millions. In the video, Alex Pearlman enthusiastically guides viewers through the process of reclaiming their lost funds, urging them to take action with a simple yet powerful directive to go get their money. This digital rallying cry has resonated with viewers, leading to a surge in interest and success stories.

Pexels | Retrieving Your Unclaimed Property

The types of unclaimed property are diverse, encompassing more than just forgotten paychecks. Common forms include checking or savings accounts, uncashed dividends, investment instruments like stocks and bonds, life insurance proceeds, refunds, trust distributions, certificates of deposit, and annuities. The prevalence of unclaimed property challenges common perceptions, prompting the question: How could someone forget to collect their final paycheck or abandon an old savings account?

In reality, unclaimed property is more common than one might think. Many individuals unknowingly possess unclaimed property, and the TikTok revelation has become a catalyst for people to check their financial histories and look for overlooked assets.

Pearlman's step-by-step guide offers a straightforward approach. Begin with a quick online search using keywords like "unclaimed property" and "the name of your state." Crucially, Pearlman advises users to ensure the Treasury website's legitimacy by checking that it ends in .gov, to steer clear of scams in this space.

For example in Pennsylvania, where Pearlman is based, the official website for reclaiming unclaimed property is However, not all states follow a similar format, with variations like in Florida. Once on the official state website, users can search for lost funds by entering personal information such as their full name and past addresses. It's advisable to check every state where one has lived or worked.

Pearlman shares a personal success story, recounting how he discovered a paycheck from Ruby Tuesdays for his wife, dating back to 2002. Despite the restaurant branch having ceased operations 20 years ago, the money was still waiting to be claimed.

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Pexels | Viewers Reclaiming Their Lost Fortunes

The success of Alex Pearlman's TikTok guide is evident from the comments section, where viewers share their experiences of reclaiming unclaimed property. Users express astonishment and gratitude, with one commenter discovering over $1,000 in unclaimed property. Another user, Kelby, recounts receiving a claim check for a similar amount, emphasizing the significant impact on their current financial situation.

The comments reveal a variety of unclaimed property sources, with one user finding payroll for their grandmother from 1986 and another uncovering $305.

As the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators estimates billions of dollars in unclaimed property programs, the opportunity to reclaim lost funds has never been more accessible. With a quick online search, individuals can potentially rediscover forgotten financial assets and take the necessary steps to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

So, heed the call, follow the guide, and go get your money!