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Social Media User Reveals the Real Cost of Running Appliances, and Netizens are Surprised

TikToker Darren O'Connor has gained over 200,000 views by revealing the energy costs of household appliances.
Cover Image Source: Hhousehold Appliances | TikTok | @havinthecraic
Cover Image Source: Hhousehold Appliances | TikTok | @havinthecraic

Rising prices, struggles to maintain a work-life balance and a need to save and invest better have emerged as hot topics for discussion on TikTok, which has come a long way from being a short dance video platform. Amidst growing concerns over the rising cost of living, Darren O'Connor, an Irish TikToker also known as @havinthecraic, has garnered significant attention with his insightful series on the actual costs of running household electrical appliances. His videos, which have garnered over 200,000 views, offer a unique blend of practical advice and surprising revelations, proving to be an invaluable resource for those striving to manage their electricity bills more effectively.

TikTok | @havinthecraic
Image Source: TikTok | @havinthecraic

O'Connor's journey on TikTok began with simple, informative videos that evolved to cover a range of topics from advice on solar panel to detailed breakdowns of electricity bills. His engaging and approachable style has made complex topics easy to understand, contributing significantly to his growing following. Using an energy monitor plug, the TikToker meticulously tests various household items to measure their electricity consumption.

His first series of tests revealed that on the intensive mode, a dishwasher costs 42 cents per run while switching to the eco mode can save 9 cents per cycle. He then demonstrates that a Ninja air fryer uses about 8 cents of electricity for 14 minutes, a soup maker runs at approximately 7 cents, and surprisingly, a Wi-Fi extender and an Alexa Dot cost only 2 cents and 1 cent per day, respectively.

In his series of videos, O'Connor further examines larger household appliances. He discovers that a fridge on full power for 24 hours costs 14 cents, while a freezer is slightly more expensive at 30 cents for the same duration. In terms of personal care appliances, a hairdryer used at half heat consumes about 5 cents for 10 minutes, whereas a full-heat setting doubles the cost, he revealed. The Dyson hair dryer, however, stands out for its efficiency, costing just 1 cent for 10 minutes of use.

TikTok | @havinthecraic
TikTok | @havinthecraic

Besides household appliances, O'Connor also tests entertainment devices. His analysis of a PlayStation reveals that the device costs just 4 cents per hour to operate. This finding, particularly surprising for many, led the TikToker to humorously suggest, "Give your kids a break," highlighting the unexpectedly low cost of gaming. Furthermore, his TikTok page continues to go viral as he plans to include more items like washing machines and slow cookers shortly.

The community response to O'Connor's videos has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for his practical and easy-to-understand advice. His ability to break down the complexities of energy consumption has empowered many to make more informed decisions about their appliance usage.

TikTok | @havinthecraic
TikTok | @havinthecraic

The impact of O'Connor's work extends beyond individual households. By raising awareness about energy consumption and costs, he contributes to a broader conversation about sustainable living and energy efficiency. His videos have sparked discussions among his viewers about the importance of being conscious consumers in today's times. As he continues to explore and share his findings, his page remains a must-watch for anyone looking to manage household energy consumption effectively.