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A Social Media Influencer’s Surprising Experience at a Low-Rated Manchester Hotel

The influencer unexpectedly enjoyed his stay at the poorly-rated Assheton Arms in Greater Manchester.
UPDATED JAN 22, 2024
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @georgeredfern25
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @georgeredfern25

In an intriguing social experiment, TikToker George Redfern (@georgeredfern25) challenged himself to find positivity during his stay at the Assheton Arms in Middleton, Greater Manchester, a hotel notorious for its low 1.7-star rating on Google. Despite the establishment's reputation, George went ahead with an open mind and a unique rule—he had to be completely honest to leave a positive review.

TikTok | @GeorgeRedfern25
Image Source: TikTok | @georgeredfern25

Upon arrival, George had a pleasant interaction at the reception, for which he gave the hotel two stars. The room's unassuming view – a supermarket – surprisingly impressed him. "As I entered my room I thought WOW, what a view of Tesco Extra!" he said. 

Examining the accommodation closely, he noted the pristine bedding under UV light, warranting an additional star. The broken TV was amusingly acknowledged for its unintended benefit—reducing screen time and enhancing sleep. Additionally, the presence of a rusty, wheeled radiator didn't faze him; instead, he humorously described "taking it for a walk" around the room. Despite unconventional features, his review showcased a lighthearted perspective, attributing merits to quirks, and ultimately contributing to a positive overall impression.

TikTok | @GeorgeRedfern25
Image Source: TikTok | @georgeredfern25

Despite the hotel's shortcomings, George's lighthearted approach and his ability to focus on the positives led him to rate his stay with five stars. This optimistic stance was a stark contrast to the expectations set by the hotel’s low ratings on Google and TripAdvisor. His TikTok video garnered nearly one million views, 500 comments, and over 22,000 likes. A user commented, "Love the positivity," while another user shared her experience of refusing to stay at the same hotel.

The Assheton Arms, a hotel located near Middleton Arena and shopping facilities, with easy transport links to Manchester city center, has garnered attention following George's viral video. Despite its unflattering online ratings, the influencer's review highlights the subjective nature of hotel experiences.

In a series of reactions to the TikTok video, user Rob expressed enthusiasm, saying, "Cheers for this review, just booked a week's stay in Middleton." The video's creator, George Redfern, engaged with Rob's comment, playfully inquiring if it was at the same hotel featured in the video. Ed chimed in with a critical view, suggesting the content was somewhat derivative of Ryan Trahan's work. Meanwhile, GoogleBizTog, identifying as both a Middleton resident and Google employee, commended the video for its creative use of Google Maps, to which George Redfern responded warmly, appreciating the comment and noting his admiration for Google Maps. Denis Martin, intrigued by the accommodation, inquired about the cost, asking "how much was it." George Redfern, the creator, responded with the price detail, noting that it was "£30 for a Friday night."