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Social Media User Buys an Entire House Through Amazon on an Impulse; Plans to List it on Airbnb

"After today y’all, y’all could take my card. I don’t need it," he began his now-viral video with more than 8 million views. “I’m 23 years old. I just bought a house off Amazon."
Cover Image Source: TikTok | hittaa_jeff
Cover Image Source: TikTok | hittaa_jeff

It isn't entirely unusual for people to buy gadgets, appliances, or even kitchen accessories that they probably have no use for. But as e-commerce platforms open doors to an entirely new marketplace, consumers are reporting pretty outrageous impulse buys thanks to the ease with which they can shop from the comfort of their home.

A TikTok user recently took to the popular video-sharing platform to share an impulsive buy he made on Amazon which had people talking online. Videos of him talking about his purchase went viral and have tons of comments below them.

TikTok user Jeffrey Bryant who goes by the username hittaa_jeff bought a house on Amazon! "After today y’all, y’all could take my card. I don’t need it," he began his now-viral video with more than 8 million views. “I’m 23 years old. I just bought a house off Amazon."

TikTok |
TikTok | hittaa_jeff

He showed receipts as he knew that people were having a hard time believing everything he was saying. He revealed to the viewers that his new house was all set to arrive between January 29th to 30th  and even showed the amount of money that he spent on the house.

"All I’m saying is Amazon is really like a dangerous place, cause it’s like? Houses?” he continued. "I didn’t even think twice about it. I just did it. I don’t even know where I’m gonna put the house."

Naturally, responses started flooding his comment section as every user had their two cents to spare.

“The fact that you paid 27k. no payments no nothing. I wanna be this financially stable,” reads one comment while another writes, " Not me running to Amazon to see their houses."

TikTok |
TikTok | hittaa_jeff

People were eager to know how the delivery unfolded and requested a follow-up video. He soon shared and gave a peek into his new house. He told the viewers that the house arrived on January 29 and came with certain features thanks to Amazon's specialist who saw the video on TikTok.

"The house is not supposed to be this color. She gave me a whole different color house," he said. "On the papers, it says the square footage is way bigger. She gave me two couches, y’all," he adds. 

He also told his viewers that the Amazon specialist also helped him find a place to store the house while he searched a land to put his house on.

TikTok |
TikTok | hittaa_jeff

He went on to give a little tour of the house. Many took to this post to comment, one user wrote, " I got my house from Amazon all; you will forever have the best conversation starter."

Many also asked if they finally found a land to put his house on. He soon shared another follow-up video in which he said, "I'm not gonna live here. I’m gonna Airbnb it because as I said in a previous video, the ceilings are very small. I’m 5’8. I could touch the ceilings. The plan is to Airbnb it. That’s a smart decision."

He also said that once he gets a permit, he will have the electrical as well as the plumbing work done. I’m gonna get the walls drywalled. You can get the walls drywalled, so I’m gonna do all that,” he said. “I say, in the next two to three weeks, depending on the permits and how long that takes, everything should be handled."