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Small Bandana Business Skyrockets To Viral Fame Following Influencer Shoutout

She is currently sold out, mostly because she is making everything herself.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Ash & Bell Designs
Cover Image Source: TikTok | Ash & Bell Designs

A small business owner's products recently went viral on social media gaining her tens of thousands of followers overnight. Bella Schwartz owns "Ash & Bell Designs", a small business that sells handmade tags and scrunchie bandanas. 

Last Thursday, in a video she said that her goal was to reach 10,000 followers by the end of the year, however, what she did not know was that Jen Hamilton, a famous TikTok influencer with over 3 million followers, was watching her video.

After buying a few bandanas, Hamilton posted a shoutout on her page, which according to 

Schwartz was the thing that took it off. Schwartz told 13 NewsNow that she received more than 200 orders following the shoutout and her follower count became a whopping 50,000 overnight.

She is currently sold out, mostly because she is making everything herself. She tells the publication, "As of right now, I'm handmaking everything, I have been thinking of working with a local manufacturer so that I can get everybody's demand out."

TikTok | ash.bell.designs
TikTok | ash. bell.designs

She also expressed her wishes to expand the range of SKUs and include, bandanas with custom embroidery and more. She also boasts a whopping half million followers on Instagram and feels overwhelmed with all the support and love.

"A big thank you to my friends, followers, customers, and everyone else. Jen Hamilton, along with all of you, has made a lasting impact on my life," she wrote on Instagram.

Schwartz talked about her inspiration which was her dog named Ash who also happily helps model her products.

"I've always considered myself a creative person, and in 2022 I decided to take the leap and quit my job to follow my passion full-time," she said. "I never imagined it would take off to this degree though," she added.

She is hoping to get her online store up and running by the end of February and says that a website is also on the roadmap. 

Schwartz took the opportunity to encourage aspiring business owners and said, "This is your sign!" 

"No matter how big or small your success is, you should go for and not compare yourself to others because you can get there," she added.

With over 2.5 billion active monthly users, TikTok is a great place for businesses to launch. For a small business owner, TikTok can save a lot of marketing costs. So if you are wondering if anybody has hit it big, then we are happy to break it to you that many indeed have. Having said that many also realize that the social media platform can also break the business as easily as they can uplift it.

TikTok | ash.bell.designs
TikTok | ash. bell.designs

"As a business, you need to have a policy on how you manage unhappy and dissatisfied customers,” said Angeli Gianchandani, a marketing professor at the University of New Haven.

"And, when you identify that and you make good with the consumer, it won’t spiral."

Keeping these in mind many have successfully launched a business on social media and have also gone viral.

In another story, Hairstylist Dana Bremner's small business which started with a small product called a Pony Popper has now become a full-blown Salon and Spa business. 

This product is essentially a small clip with a comb on either side that holds your pony in place and gives a lot of volume. In a particular TikTok video, a salon representative goes around Michigan State University's campus asking students if she can use it on them.

TikTok | realponypopper
TikTok | realponypopper

The girls in the video seemed to enjoy the product and were shocked with the results. "Wow, that's insane. It looks like I have like thick hair," they said.

The support on the video, which has more than 5 million videos reflected in their sales which went up by 2000% in November 2023. 

"When a woman doesn't feel comfortable with their normal ponytail, and then they put a pony popper in and they feel beautiful with it," Bremner said. "That's my favorite part," Dana Bremner said.