Nick Cannon, Father Of 12 Kids with 6 Women, Says He Makes $100 Million A Year

Nick Cannon, Father Of 12 Kids with 6 Women, Says He Makes $100 Million A Year
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Nick Cannon, the host of The Masked Singer, recently spoke about being labeled a "deadbeat dad" and the cost of parenthood. Cannon, who has fathered 12 children with six women over the last 12 years, told the Los Angeles Times that he needs to make at least $100 million a year to maintain his lifestyle.

When asked if he makes that kind of money, he laughed and said, "Yeah". 

Image Source: GettyImages/Dia Dipasupil
Image Source: GettyImages/Dia Dipasupil



Cannon's Busy Schedule

Cannon is a media mogul with numerous projects, including TV hosting gigs on The Masked Singer, Wild 'N Out, and Beat Shazam, an AMP radio show, a podcast, and his own music imprint, Ncredible. He also owns themed bars in San Diego, California, and Miami, Florida, as well as the Hollywood Hills restaurant Yamashiro. Cannon is currently working on a film, Hollywood Heist, co-starring Alec Baldwin, and his second romance novel, based on his personal life and described as "an urban Fifty Shades of Grey".



Cannon, The Father of 12

According to Entertainment Tonight, Cannon said that he fathered 12 children, five of whom are less than 1-year-old, as he's a hopeless romantic and a "people-pleaser". During the pandemic, many of his partners expressed anxiety about their biological clocks, and he wanted to give them what they desired.

Cannon said, "A lot of them are in the same age group, and I just wanted to give them what they desired. I kept saying, 'I can handle it.'"

Image Source: GettyImages/Alberto E. Rodriguez
Image Source: GettyImages/Alberto E. Rodriguez



How Cannon Chooses Where to Sleep

As mentioned by Insider, Cannon has long been open about his polyamorous lifestyle, but how does he decide where to sleep each night. "A lot of times it's whichever of them has called me that day, to be honest," he said.

"I am such a creature of habit. I like who like me. Cannon said that because everyone is so busy, nobody is looking to have sex with him, and everyone's focus is on the children."



Fatherhood and Time Management

Cannon admits that he feels guilty about having limited time with each of his kids, but he does his best to make each moment count. "It's not about what I do for you or what I say to you; it's about how you feel when I'm with you," he says. Cannon feels he's in good father, citing examples of Muhammad Ali, who had a bunch of kids, and Bob Marley, who had more kids than him.



Cannon is cognizant of the fact that his kids will inherit the business empire he's building. He wakes up at 2 am to go to work, and he stays busy and motivated because of his love for his children. Although he admits to feeling guilty about not having more time with each of them, he believes that as long as they feel loved when they're with him, that's what's important.

Cannon's thoughts on his critics

Cannon's lifestyle has attracted criticism, with many people labeling him a "deadbeat dad". Cannon refutes the claim and believes he's being villainized. "I hear all the time: 'You can't be present for all those children.' So therefore I get this deadbeat dad title," he says. Cannon feels he's in good company with other great men who had multiple children with multiple partners. He believes that his critics are too focused on time management and not enough on energy management.


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