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Online Video Warns Shoppers About Scammers Lurking Around at Stores; Here's how to Spot Them

A TikTok video reveals a cautionary tale of Target shoppers being approached by strangers with compliments that lead to suspicious financial discussions.
TikTok | Kylen Paige | @kyylen
TikTok | Kylen Paige | @kyylen

Online shopping has increased convenience for consumers, along with the risk of being scammed, but brick-and-mortar stores are not untouched either. In the recent TikTok video titled ‘If someone compliments you at Target…’, a shopper issued a warning about potential scammers targeting unsuspecting individuals at Target stores. The cautionary tale unfolds in a video shared by @Kylen on TikTok, where she recounts an encounter with a scammer while shopping at a Target location. Kylen describes being approached by a woman who complimented her glasses, initiating a conversation between them.

TikTok | Kylen Paige | @kyylen
TikTok | Kylen Paige | @kyylen

Describing the interaction, Kylen adds, “She looks about my age, maybe a little bit older. So we just start chatting about college, and ‘what did you study,’ and how I just moved here—and we’re just talking about normal things that you would talk about with someone that is your age.”

The conversation with the stranger took an unexpected turn when she mentioned having friends "working toward financial freedom," which struck Kylen as odd. Despite her reservations, they exchanged phone numbers.

TikTok | Kylen Paige | @kyylen
TikTok | Kylen Paige | @kyylen

Events took an even stranger turn when another woman complimented Kylen's glasses and initiated a similar conversation. This new encounter ended abruptly when the woman mentioned her boyfriend had called her, allowing Kylen to exit the conversation. Nonetheless, she couldn't shake the feeling of unease about the entire situation. "The next day, the woman I met at Target texted me, suggesting we meet for coffee to discuss achieving financial freedom. Immediately, I realized she was a scammer," Kylen recounted. Kylen further noted that she came across others sharing similar experiences on Facebook. Her advice to others: "If someone, especially someone young, compliments you at Target, simply say 'Thank you' and continue on your way." 

TikTok |
TikTok | Kylen Paige | @kyylen

A user @Peach advised, "First step, avoid talking to anyone," and another one named @Valentina | NYC remarked, "Side note, your base makeup is AMAZING!" @Emily shared, "Amway people ALWAYS mention 'friends who are retired at a young age' and it's always a married couple. It's an Amway calling card for sure." @ara. asked, "What is AMWAY? I’m so confused." @mmm disclosed, "I was in Amway - They literally coach us on how to approach, what to discuss, how to steer conversations towards getting a second meeting with you. They're really good haha!" @Lisa humorously said, "‘Retired at 28,’ ‘Financial freedom,’ ‘My Mentors’ - they all have the same script. That's when I say, 'Actually, I work for the IRS." @Kylen Paige responded saying, "i thought i was making a FRIENDDDD."

TikTok | Kylen Paige | @kyylen
TikTok | Kylen Paige | @kyylen

Among other users, @Madison H shared her experience, "This happened to me at Office Max! I figured out that the MLM was Amway!" @Boopow23 humorously remarked, "lol when finances are brought up during the first convo." One netizen lamented, "Not the friendship fishing I’d cry thinking I made a friend," While @Mary asked, "I wonder if the scam is to get you to invest in something that’s a pyramid scheme in some way." In response, @Kylen Paige said, "that could be it! ur probably right abt investing".

@kyylen to this day, im STILL confused about what went down… #storytime #scammeralert #mlm #pyramidscheme #storytimemakeup ♬ original sound - Kylen Paige


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