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Discover the Secret of This Mom Making Delicious $10 Meals at Home

She advocates for proactive meal planning as a key strategy for managing expenses and a balanced diet.
UPDATED APR 13, 2024
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @aussiemumcooks
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @aussiemumcooks

Across social media platforms, discussions are brewing about the affordability and health benefits of home-cooked meals amidst rising grocery prices and rental costs. Parents, in particular, find themselves grappling with the challenge of nourishing their families on a budget. To address this issue, TikTok user and mother of four, Brooke Schrempf-Dixon (@aussiemumcooks), has emerged as a culinary inspiration. 

Snapshots from the video. Image Source: TikTok|@aussiemumcooks
 Image Source: TikTok | @aussiemumcooks

One standout video featuring her Keens curry sausages meal garnered a staggering 125.7 million views, making it a highlight of her "staple ingredient" series. In this video, Brooke meticulously outlines the recipe, emphasizing how the ingredients, including leftovers, amounted to less than $15, proving that budget-friendly meals need not compromise on taste or nutrition.

Furthermore, she advocates for proactive meal planning as a key strategy for managing expenses and ensuring a well-balanced diet. By encouraging her audience to plan their weekly meals, she empowers them to make informed decisions about their grocery purchases, ultimately helping them stretch their budgets further.

Her repertoire of meal ideas spans a diverse range, including satay chicken, BBQ chicken sliders, red Thai curry, marinara pasta, fish tacos, and apricot chicken. 

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In another video, Brooke demonstrates how to make a delectable dessert for just $10, using only three ingredients, which she fondly dubs "angel delight." She begins by preparing raspberry jelly, then combines it with evaporated milk to form a thick base. After chilling the mixture, she garnishes it with whipped cream and freshly sliced strawberries.

Reflecting on her cooking philosophy, Brooke emphasizes the importance of crafting meals that are both economical and appealing, steering clear of mundane options like "tuna pasta" typically associated with budget-friendly fare. Moreover, she shares her strategy of inventorying the contents of her freezer, fridge, and pantry, using these ingredients as the foundation for her weekly meal plans.

Snapshots from the video. Image Source: TikTok|@aussiemumcooks
 Image Source: TikTok | @aussiemumcooks

Viewers have voiced their admiration and gratitude towards Brooke, applauding her for sharing mouthwatering recipes that are delicious and budget-friendly, especially during a period of heightened inflation.

In response to the "angel delight" recipe, @JesssLa commented, "Thank you, I’m going to try to make this for my partner. I wish our seasonings came in cute tins, maybe I would want to cook more. Lol." @Sam wrote, "Offf now I wanna do this with a Shepherd's Pie."

"Omg I made it using your recipe and it was so good I started crying," shared @DByouroneandonlymans. @Albert remarked, "Looks like shepherd's pie but with curry spice." @freshkingFk commented, "I want to learn more from this kitchen." @Lilly asked, "Do you have a Facebook? My grandma will love to follow your recipes there."

Screenshot of a comment under the video. Image Source: TikTok|@aussiemumcooks
 Image Source: TikTok | @aussiemumcooks

@Anubxn_ chimed in, saying, "Can I use jello powder? Neither of these is available where I am or $20." "I feel like the angel delight I eat doesn’t have jelly in it," wrote @Charlotte. @NixionGaming said, "I'm from the US, what's the American version of that jelly stuff?" @kievalittlejohn suggested, "Grab some instant pudding for 70c and you'll get the same surely."

 Image Source: TikTok | @aussiemumcooks
 Image Source: TikTok | @aussiemumcooks

"Elevate this with a biscuit crumb base, a layer of jam, and then the flummery. Add some finely diced strawberries to the mix, top with berry coulee," wrote @andy 🇦🇺. @Naseem Alana expressed, "My aunt and nana used to make this when I was a kid and I LOVED it. Even with sf jelly mix, it’s still delicious."

@aussiemumcooks Tonight’s $10 meal challenge is a dessert! This old school flummery is a cheap and easy dessert that takes me back to my childhood. What’s even better is if you don’t want to garnish with cream and strawberries it’s only a $3.10 recipe for 8 servings. #aeroplanejelly #jellygoodtimes #ad ♬ original sound - Brooke Schrempf-Dixon


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