What Is Weatherman Al Roker's Net Worth?

What Is Weatherman Al Roker's Net Worth?
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Name Albert Lincoln Roker, Jr.
Net Worth $70 Million
Annual Income $10 Million
Sources of Income Television, Authorship, and Endorsements
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 20, 1954
Age 69 years old
Nationality American
Profession TV Meteorologist, TV Journalist, Presenter, Journalist, Writer, Author, Actor, Television Producer, Voice Actor


Al Roker, the seasoned American television personality, actor, author, and weather forecaster, has etched his name into the annals of media history with his impressive talent and an estimated net worth of $70 million. Recognized across households as the affable weatherman on NBC's "The Today Show," Al Roker has become a charismatic and familiar presence. Al Roker's meteoric rise isn't solely attributed to his weather forecasts. He's cemented his status as a prolific author, with a collection of 12 books spanning diverse topics. 

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Al Roker attends the Hudson River Park Friends 7th Annual Playground Committee Luncheon | Getty Images
Al Roker attends the Hudson River Park Friends 7th Annual Playground Committee Luncheon | Getty Images

Al Roker's substantial net worth has been built through various sources. His primary source of income is his extensive television career. His roles on "The Today Show" and "3rd Hour Today," along with hosting "Wake Up with Al" on The Weather Channel, have significantly contributed to his earnings. 

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 Al Roker's salary

At the onset of his career, Al Roker embarked on his journey as a weather anchor for CBS affiliate WHEN-TV (now WTVH) in Syracuse, New York, from 1974 to 1976, earning an annual salary of $20,000. Transitioning to NBC in 1978 marked a significant step, with Al Roker's inaugural salary at the network amounting to $25,000. At present, his salary from NBC, which amounts to $10 million annually, further bolsters his wealth. The total NBC contract is $50 million for five years.

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Apart from his television career, Al Roker has ventured into the world of writing. He has authored 12 books, covering topics ranging from weight loss battles to weather phenomena and murder mysteries. These books, along with related book deals and promotions, have added to his income. Moreover, his endorsements and investments have played a role in enhancing his financial portfolio.



Al Roker's net worth of $70 million is indicative of his substantial assets. Al Roker resides in a lavish 7,400 square-foot New York City residence, acquired for $4 million. The luxurious property boasts 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a sizable pool, and more. Roker's financial portfolio is robust, featuring 5 real estate holdings, 4 cars, and cash reserves exceeding $3 million.

His investments include a $2 million stock portfolio. Notable among his recent purchases is a Mercedes-Benz C-Class worth $50,000. Additionally, Roker owns a Lexus ES valued at $135,000.


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Al Roker was born on August 20, 1954, in Queens, New York. He attended Xavier High School in Manhattan and earned a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the State University of New York at Oswego in 1976. He married journalist Deborah Roberts in 1995, and they have two children together. Throughout his career, Al Roker has been open about his health journey, including weight loss battles and various medical procedures. He's a prostate cancer survivor and has also undergone surgeries for knee and hip replacements.

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What is Al Roker's net worth? 

Al Roker's net worth is estimated to be $70 million.

How much is NBC paying Al Roker?

The five-year contract is $50 million with an annual salary of $10 million/

Who is Al Roker's wife?

Al Roker married journalist Deborah Roberts in 1995.


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