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Passenger Records Flight Attendant Trying to Handle Tense Situation on Flight Caused by a Delay

Aliza's TikTok exposes tensions onboard as passengers endure a prolonged delay waiting for missing crew members.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @alizabodzin
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @alizabodzin

Traveling is supposed to be convenient in an age when destinations across the globe have flight connectivity, but delays can quickly turn a smooth experience into a nightmare. In a recent TikTok video, airline passenger Aliza documented the frustration caused by a flight delay that escalated into tense moments onboard a U.S. flight. Aliza's video captured the scene after a two-hour delay, during which passengers had already boarded and were waiting on the tarmac for 30 minutes. In the video, a flight attendant relayed information from the coordinator, revealing that the flight crew was not yet at the airport.

Tiktok | @alizabodzin
TikTok | @alizabodzin

"The coordinator just called me a couple of minutes ago and said that our crew... are not at the airport as of yet," the flight attendant announced. Emphasizing that the crew was local, the attendant informed passengers that it could take at least another hour before for the crew to arrive.

TikTok | @
TikTok | @alizabodzin

She added, "You can bring your personal items with you. I apologize to you. I’m the messenger. I’m just following instructions. If you need anything from me, please see me at the very top of the jet bridge. I’ll be up there waiting for you." 

TikTok | @alizabodzin
TikTok | @alizabodzin

Reacting to the video, one user @Sven commented, "'Even though they’re local' was such a diss." @Aliza Bodzin, noted, "She wasn’t having it". @heavenlybesos18 stated, "She said I just work here don’t be at me". @Aliza Bodzin responded, "I’d say the same if I was in her role." @Taylor added, "I love the shade she throws at the crew 'even though they’re local'. @J._326 observed, "They are just as mad as you are. They aren’t getting paid for any of that." @heckinpizzanuggets pointed out, "Bright side: They didn’t make you sit on the plane without telling you the reason for the delay. That’s way worse." @chris questioned, "So why seat people on the plane when the crew hasn't arrived at the airport??."

TikTok | @
TikTok | @alizabodzin

@Pamela sympathetically noted, "Poor lady like 'Don’t be mean to me!' At least she is honest!!!". @Joanna Babou expressed, "I would ask for some compensation." @Aliza Bodzin, stated, "Filed my first complaint to the airline and planning to report to DOT tomorrow." @Esther loves Lucy advised, "File report with the Better Business Bureau. I did that for American Airlines and got a full refund on my ticket. I was stuck in a plane for three hours hours."

Another reaction came from @Ciarra Larsen, who mentioned, "Pilots wife here. She said new crew so I’m guessing the initial delay may have caused the original crew to 'time out' according to FAA regulations." @Sarita shared her experience, "I mean, have you ever driven through Atlanta traffic? I’m 15 miles from the airport and it takes a min of an hour to get there. + 20min for getting to and through security, even as a crew. +10 to gate." @oooofffttttt commented positively, "good for her for making it clear their fault is not hers I hope everyone was kind to her!" @Aliza Bodzin agreed, "Yes, I agree! The flight was already delayed about 2 hours so another hour felt like nothing."

@alizabodzin By this point the flight was two hours delayed and we had been sitting on the plane for 30 minutes waiting at gate. And I had already been faced with one cancellation at ATL (layover) the night before” when travelling from Bermuda due to weather” so I had to pay for a hotel (no reimbursement)🫠 #atl #delayedflight #travelreality ♬ original sound - Aliza Bodzin


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