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Here's how Content Creators are Having the Last Laugh Thanks to Costco's Generous Return Policy

A social media user's hilarious take on Costco's lenient return policy takes the internet by storm.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @herzy1000
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @herzy1000

At a time when brick-and-mortar retail chains are competing with e-commerce sites that offer convenience and more options, making it easy for people to secure discounts and return products is an essential part of the overall strategy. Among them, Costco is renowned for its lenient return policy, which is often lauded by customers and has recently gained viral attention on the internet. A TikTok user (@herzy1000) garnered an impressive 9.4 million views with a humorous take on the Costco return policy. The comedian, in his caption, humorously admitted, "I made this video because I thought it was funny and needed to create something that day. I've only been to a Costco once, so it's possible this is entirely fabricated."

Snapshots from the video. Image Source: TikTok|@herzy1000
Image Source: TikTok | @herzy1000

Crafting the skit meticulously, he portrayed a customer character approaching the counter, straight-faced, and requesting to return a nonstick pan simply because "it's sticky now." The Costco employee, portrayed randomly, responds with a nonchalant "Okay, no problem. Here's your refund." 

The TikToker then portrayed another customer in the video returning a couch she had purchased seven years ago. The reason? Simply because she "doesn't like it anymore." When asked for proof of purchase, she had none. However, the resourceful employee noticed the code on the couch and proceeded to process a refund to her Visa card.

Following this, another customer appeared to return a rotisserie chicken purchased just 24 hours prior. 

Snapshots from the video. Image Source: TikTok|@herzy1000
 Image Source: TikTok | @herzy1000

In response to the video, many TikTok users shared their own humorous takes, as @Nathan Mayes commented, "My mom returned me to Costco. They asked for a receipt, and she said the hospital didn’t give her one, but they found it, so I lived in Costco for 8 years." Another user named @sirksF1lasershop commented, "The best one is bringing back your Xmas tree in January because it dies."

There were also those who shed light on the reality behind the process. @El Heffa Chorizo wrote, "Costco's return policy is amazing but you have to stand in line for 30 minutes." "Costco employee here. The worst is when someone returns a bunch of unopened food like meat. 'We bought too much,' and we have to throw it away," shared @Madison Lloyd. @Alex commented, "As a Costco employee I’ve seen someone return a used toilet."

Screenshot of a comment under the video. Image Source: TikTok|@herzy1000
 Image Source: TikTok | @herzy1000

A TikTok user, @Rolliepolliepanda, made a hilarious statement, "For the couch, you also should’ve said it’s sticky now." @yumbonbon commented, "True. But if you abuse it enough, they will cancel your membership. They’ve done it." @X0 wrote, "Cheat code for the broke folks for summer: Get a portable AC from Costco right before summer and return it after summer still in the return policy time frame."

"People have no shame. At my Costco, people return Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations after the end of the celebration," @jmit757 shared. @Melissa Navarro-Rojo commented, "I returned an open bag of coffee beans cuz I didn't like it. I only used beans for one brew, I had my receipt but was so nervous."

Screenshot of a comment under the video. Image Source: TikTok|@herzy1000
Image Source: TikTok | @herzy1000

Costco's website proudly states, "With few exceptions, Costco has a 100% satisfaction guarantee." This assurance means that if members aren't fully satisfied with a purchase, they have the freedom to return it to any Costco warehouse, even if they don't have a receipt.

@herzy1000 Costco’s Strong Return Policy - I saw a video about someone who returned a couch without a receipt, after having it for years. The comment section said that Costco will return anything. I made this video cause I thought it was funny and needed to make something that day. I’ve only been to a Costco one time, so it’s possible this is entirely made up. 😬 - #comedy #Costco #relatable #funny #funnyvideos #shopping #costcofinds #costcotiktok #costcoreturns ♬ original sound - Herzy1000


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