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College Student Breaks Down Over Financial Struggles Despite Juggling 4 Jobs

"No, because f*ck you, America, for making me work four f*cking jobs," said the TikTok creator and broke down. "
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @ripostegoddess
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @ripostegoddess

A college student recently took to the popular video-sharing platform TikTok to talk about how they are feeling overworked for having to work four jobs. In the video which received more than 1.8 million views, they talked about how they were being forced to work four jobs to make ends meet as a student. 

"No, because f*ck you, America, for making me work four f*cking jobs," said the TikTok creator and broke down. "Four jobs while I’m in college in rural f*cking Tennessee."

TikTok | @
TikTok | @

Despite working multiple jobs, the TikTok creator says they still are not being able to live a comfortable life. "And I can barely pay my f*cking rent," they added. They also talked about how they are taking 19 credit hours on top of these four jobs and plan to take 21 credit hours, next semester.

"And I still can’t graduate on time, and I still can’t graduate early," they added. They also talked about how their graduation will be delayed, though they plan to take 21 credit hours, the next semester. They then said how this is simply not done, "It’s not f*cking fair anymore."

The original poster also called out America for treating women poorly. 

TikTok |
TikTok | @ripostegoddess

"It’s never been fair, not in my lifetime," they continued. "And will it ever be fair? No, because I’m a woman in America.

They also talked about how they may have to move to another country to live the life they want. "My God, I just want to live in peace, America, and I will one day, probably somewhere else."

Many took to the comment section to agree with her, "America is a sinking ship," one user commented while another wrote, "The system is so broken."

While some people didn't want to filter the truth, "Move to Russia or China. Oh, wait. Everyone wants in the US while they yell how much they hate the US. Funny," one wrote.

While some wondered why she was taking 19-21 credit hours, "Why are you taking so many credit hours at one time?" to which the TikTok creator wrote, "To graduate faster."

According to a 2015 study by the Ohio State University, 70% of college students reported feeling stressed about their finances. One of the major contributing factors is the staggering amount of student loan debt in the US. As per reports, student loans have soared to over $1.7 trillion, and the burden of this debt remains heavily on students.

Other factors that are adding to the financial stress include high cost of living, wealth inequality, the overall job market as well as inflation. While Inflation is down from the 2021 peak, students are still looking at really high prices compared to a decade ago. 

TikTok | @
TikTok | @ripostegoddess

As per CNBC Make It, around 38% of current college students are struggling to make ends meet. They are worried about not having enough money to cover their expenses through the end of the semester. As per a survey, 40% of respondents said that they won't be able to afford an unexpected bill, like a medical emergency. 

Yet, families remain positive and believe that the situation is momentary and will not harm their child's career in the long run. As per a survey by Sallie Mae, around 78% of families say that their children will enroll in college at some point or the other. 

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