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Landlord Under Fire for Cutting Down Tenant's Beloved Tree

After their landlord cut down their cherished tree, a tenant turns to Reddit for solace, igniting a contentious debate.
Cover Image Source: Cutting trees | Pexels | Photo by Anna Shvets
Cover Image Source: Cutting trees | Pexels | Photo by Anna Shvets

In a distressing turn of events, a tenant took to Reddit seeking solace after their landlord made an unannounced decision to remove a tree from their property. The tenant, who remains anonymous, shared their heartbreaking experience on the r/hsp subreddit, expressing shock and devastation over the sudden loss.

Cover Image Source: Unsplash  | Christian Erfurt
 Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Christian Erfurt

The incident began when the tenant had initially requested a tree trimming service for their backyard several weeks prior. However, to their dismay, the homeowner opted to have the entire tree cut down instead of just trimming a few branches, catching the tenant off guard.

"The tree is the reason I decided to move into this house in the first place. I am devastated and have been crying on and off all day," lamented the tenant.

Reddit | /r/hsp
Image Source: Reddit | /r/hsp

The removal of the tree not only stripped away a significant source of aesthetic value but also resulted in damage to nearby flower bushes, leaving the backyard looking desolate and unkempt.

Expressing disbelief at the landlord's decision, they said, "I can't believe the owner would do this to a perfectly healthy tree that added so much value to the property to leave me with a dirt lot in its place. And without any warning!"

Moreover, to illustrate the drastic transformation, the tenant shared before-and-after photos showcasing the stark contrast between the lush greenery that once adorned the backyard and the barren stump that remained in its wake.

Pruning tree branches using chainsaw | Getty Images | Photo by Jean-Francois
Image Source: Pruning tree branches using chainsaw | Getty Images | Photo by Jean-Francois

This incident sheds light on a broader issue of property owners, including landlords and homeowners associations (HOAs), making unilateral and often detrimental changes to properties without consulting or considering the sentiments of tenants or residents. It underscores a systemic problem wherein decision-making processes lack transparency and fail to prioritize the well-being and preferences of those directly impacted. Such actions disrupt the sense of belonging and security in communities and highlight power imbalances inherent in landlord-tenant or homeowner-association dynamics. 

Instances of homeowners implementing unnecessary alterations or prohibiting eco-friendly initiatives, such as native lawns or electric car facilities, have also been reported.

Getty Images | Photo by
Image Source: Reddit | /r/hsp

Upon learning of the situation, one individual offered empathy, stating, "I'm so sorry that happened! You're not being overly emotional. Humans bond with nature and the removal of that nature can really hurt." "Is it possible for you and your partner to go out and buy a small tree? It could also be in memory of the tree that was maimed," wrote another user.

Another user shared their own experience, saying, "I remember I wrote a diary of how sad I was when my parents decided they would cut our mango, jackfruit, and guava tree." "What your landlord did is unforgivable. I am furious on your behalf," stated someone else, infuriated.

However, not all responses were equally supportive, with one commenter remarking, "This sub is filled with overly emotional people so I don’t think you're far off." "My landlord just did the same thing and I found this sub. I'm so glad that I'm not crazy about how I'm feeling at the moment. I'm watching them tear down this beautiful giant tree and it's killing me inside," another user shared.